Greta Thunberg Is Courageous and Inspiring
The letters in Greta’s full name from birth (Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg) show that she has come onto this earth as a “Dharmic” soul (a soul with a specific mission). Dharmic souls are here to set an example for others to emulate, whether that is expressed through their career or a cause. WHEREVER THEY ARE AND WHATEVER THEIR FOCUS, THEY WILL LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION ON THOSE IN THEIR PRESENCE. A few other well-known Dharmic souls are President John F. Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Apple’s Tim Cook, Google founder Sergey Brim, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Mahatma Gandhi, Maya Angelou, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Star Athletes Babe Ruth, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, and Tom Brady.
Greta’s destiny number (the full addition of the birthdate) is 9, the number of the Universal Humanitarian. Those with a 9 destiny are considered “old souls.” The 9 is said to contain the qualities of all the other single-digit number, 1 through 8. These “old souls” possess an enlightened, creative, idealistic, philanthropic, and compassionate nature. Mother Teresa had that same destiny number. Greta and Mother Teresa had many commonalities as you will read below.
There are several other outstanding 9-destny individuals who are known for their valiant efforts to help affect profound change on a national or global scale. Dolores Huerta is one who was courageously dedicated to changing the way migrant Mexican farmworkers were treated and paid in America. Another is Gloria Steinem, the initiator, leader, and spokesperson for the feminist movement in the 60’s and 70’s, and champion civil rights and freedom, and Mahatma Gandhi who championed civil rights, pacifism, and national independence. Two others who merit mention in this newsletter as humanitarian heroes who didn’t have 9 destinies, but were born on a 9 day, were John Lennon (born on October 9, 1940) [especially for the lyrics and music to “Imagine.”], and Nelson Mandela (born on July 18/9, 1918), the anti-apartheid and unparalleled political unifier from South Africa. 
Greta was born on the 3rd and Mother Teresa on the 26th. Both of those numbers are usually associated with personalities that adhere to strict codes of ethics and principles when connected with a particular cause or great responsibility.
It is interesting that both Mother Teresa and Greta Thunberg’s recognized their callings at a young age. According to the information in Wikipedia, Greta’s passion for helping to bring attention to the world of global warming began at her ages of 11 and 12. And, by age 12, Mother Teresa also became convinced that she should commit herself to a religious life. 
Greta’s “Purpose Number” which is the purpose of the archetypal self, or her soulful mission, is the 8 – to lead, direct, initiate, and instigate as a leader of something that helps others in some way. Mother Teresa’s “purpose number” was the 1 – the number of the initiator, innovator and/or the pioneer of a way or means that helps the many, as opposed to the few.
Mother Teresa offered many now famous quotes, one of which applies to Greta’s mission as well as hers: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.
And another “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Greta has also delivered a quote that may reflect why she has taken on such a monumental challenge: Her quote, offered by TEDx Talk in Stockholm, in November of 2018, is as follows: “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments.”
More and more people, companies, communities, and countries are waking up to the profound risk associated with extreme climate that has become our new normal. While many have been raising the alarm for the past several decades, Greta has galvanized this conversation and awakening in a manner that is wholly consistent with the power of her numbers. Like Mother Teresa, who elevated the plight of the unseen and ignored poorest of the poor to worldwide prominence, Greta has logarithmically intensified our focus on this very real threat to our very existence on this planet. We are so fortunate to have individuals like this come into our midst to lead humanity on such a wide scale for such profoundly important matters.


Serena Williams, born on September 26, 1981, has a 54/9 destiny number. I have labeled that the “watch your back” destiny number because it usually means that someone is vying for what you have accomplished or own or possess. Which also indicates you would have something worth vying for and, in this case, it’s quite obvious what that would be.


Cori Gauff, born on March 13, 2004, who has a 22/4 destiny, the number of the visionary, and likely envisioned herself winning the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament at some point in her life. And, by utilizing the primary qualities associated with the 22, goal-orientation, tenacity, fortitude, power, and expertise, she prevailed over the most acclaimed woman of all time in the game of tennis! 


I predict, judging from Ms. Williams’ chart, that she will make a “grand slam” comeback in her 40th year. Ms. Gauff will continue on with her own “grand slam” success for several years, but I can see that it isn’t necessarily a teenager’s dream life. Judging from the intense and all-consuming aspects of being the superlative athlete, she definitely deserves her wins as she graces the courts with her fixed determination and stunning abilities.




Tobin Heath, born on 5/29/1988 (6 destiny)
Carli Lloyd, born on 7/16/1982 (7 destiny)
Alexandra Morgan, born on 7/2/1989 (9 destiny)
Christen Press, born on 12/29/1988 (4 destiny)
Mallory Pugh, born on 4/29/1998 (6 destiny)
Megan Rapinoe, born on 7/5/1985 (8 destiny)
Jessica McDonald, born on 2/28/1988 (11 destiny)

All 7 players in this category have birth “day” numbers that offer towering coordination and cooperation skills, as a whole. The numbers 2, 7, and 29/11are highly intuitive numbers, and Rapinoe’s No. 8 is known for it’s dominant 6th sense proclivities. So, there’s likelihood that this team was able to intuit each other’s moves with that asset. McDonald’s numbers are all about high intuition and speed.

Their destiny numbers 4 and 6 are associated with those who “go the extra mile and give more than they are asked to give.” The number 8 is a leadership number, along with being “the exemplar” at whatever they deem worthy of their talents. The number 9 is said to be a compilation of all the numbers 1 through 8, so Morgan could assume different roles to accommodate the actions of her team players.


Lindsey Horan, born on 5/26/1994 (9 destiny)
Rose LaVelle, born on 5/19/1995 (3 destiny)
Julie Ertz, born on 4/6/1992 (4 destiny)
Samantha Mewis, born on 1/9/1992 (4 destiny)
Alexandra Long, born on 8/13/1987 (1 destiny)

Although Horan and LaVelle have differing numbers, Horan’s 8 and 9 indicate that she had leadership abilities and also a fierce competitive nature; LaVelle would tend to exhibit skills beyond most other players because of her resolute will to win (1) and her flexibility and creativity (3) – and she managed the winning slam. Ertz, Mewis and Long each had numbers that would have exhibited heroic measures to ensure a win, even if injured.


Becky Sauerbrunn, born on 6/6/1985 (8 destiny)
Ali Krieger, born on 7/28/1984 (3 destiny)
Crystal Dunn, born on 7/3/1982 (3 destiny)
Kelley O’Hara, born on 8/4/1988 (11 destiny)
Abby Dahlkemper, born on 5/13/1993 (4 destiny)
Emily Sonnett, born on 1/25/1993 (3 destiny)
Tierna Davidson, born on 9/19/1998 (1 destiny)

As a team, the Defenders possess Sauerbrunn as someone whose efforts tend to go the extra mile (6) and who would to be exemplary in her actions (8); Kriege, Dunn, Davidson and Sonnett have comparable numbers, each “in it to win it” and possessing the determination, adroitness and discipline to make that happen (1 and 3); O’Hara and Dahlkemper are stalwart, persevering, consistent, and systematic (11 and 4).


Alyssa Naeher, born on 4/18/1988 (4 destiny)

Naeher’s name number is a 3, and when you couple that number with the 1 and 4, you have someone who won’t even get in the game unless she thinks she can win (1); who will work longer and harder, with greater discipline and determination than most others (4), and tend to think in a creative and ingenious manner to block every puck that comes her way. And she managed her role with aplomb!


I was watching ABC’s 20/20 program about Elizabeth Holmes on the 15th and, although I had already run her chart when I heard about the debacle with Theranos, I pulled it from my files to learn what I could about her personality. 
There was a highly significant aspect in her chart that enabled me to numerologically interpret how she could keep up such a good front for so long, and that is because her “destiny number,” (the full addition of her birthdate) reduced to the number 9. 
I grew up with a father who was, what I call, “double 9s”, because he was born on a 9 day and had a 9 destiny. He was well-known by his cronies for telling “big ones [lies],” mostly to add flavor and flare to his many tales of being a mule-packer on Mount Hood in Oregon for 17 years, and for other concoctions he would create. He would often tell me a “big one” or two because he learned quickly how gullible I was as a child. (That characteristic is still with me even to this day, unfortunately????). 
There is another number that is known for exaggeration of the truth and that’s the 5. Those with prominent fives in their charts are known for being excellent salespeople, partially for that reason, I’m assuming.
Elizabeth Holmes’ name number (the number of her “social self”) is a 5 and her destiny number (the driving force of her personality) is a 9. Needless to say, she certainly did express the negative qualities of the 5 and 9 to bully, bilk, and bamboozle her investors, employees, and clients.
Those with 9s and 5s are not all fabricating, cheating prevaricators by any means. The 9 destiny especially has given this planet some of the kindest, most selfless people of all, namely Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafazi (currently working with Apple CEO Tim Cook to enable young women to get an education, specifically in the Middle East), Paramahansa Yogananda (“The Autobiography of a Yogi”), President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter (well-known for their philanthropic activities) and many more like them. 
And, there are many philanthropic and spiritually-oriented people who have 5s as a strong component of their numerological charts, too. So, I’m not labeling everyone with a prominent 5 or 9 in their charts dishonest or lying types, because the positive qualities of the 9 and 5 include being socially adept, “people-pleasing,” eloquently sophisticated, and very charming — when they want to be – and they can and will convince anyone that they are “the real deal” with regard to whatever it is they are presenting or pursuing, and many times they are just that.
Many with 9s as their name, day, or destiny number tend to pursue every opportunity of being in the upper echelon of whatever enclave of society to which they are drawn. After all, it is the number of the genteel and aristocratic and many 9s have the innate ability to affect that nature even if they were born of a lesser standing.
Two “9” individuals who have also been in the news of late that I can be fairly sure have been liars are Cassandra Randolph and Felicity Huffman. They are both associated with the college exam fiasco. (Lori Loughlin has triple 1s – and that’s a whole other story – but briefly, she would loathe to lose at virtually anything in any way, ergo – whatever it takes! And it backfired on her this time, obviously.) One more with a 9 destiny that just hit the news for his nefarious ways is Michael Avanatti. I saw hi problems escalating after his ex accused him of abuse, but then that went away and as I checked out his chart today, I can see that somehow he eludes or escapes from the worst of what he is currently alleged to have done. That will be quite interesting to watch because he, as so many with 9 destinies, can be very convincing and he has a J.D. to back him, as well!
I have found that there are many people with prominent 5s and 9s who become politicians or who involve themselves with the hierarchy of politics and one could say that they all set out the with desire to do something meaningful for the people of this country and this earth because the true essence of the 9 is that of the “universal humanitarian,” and therefore it is easy for me to move my opinion of anyone with a 5 (the freedom fighters) or 9 (the universal humanitarian) as truly desiring that outcome from their efforts and involvement wherever they find themselves.
In fact, many of the U.S. Presidents had 5s and 9s as their Character and Destiny numbers, namely, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Q. Adams, John Tyler, James Polk Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Donald Trump. 
Current President Donald Trump’s name is a 5 and he is also born on a 5 day, and he is also a Gemini, which is the one sign of the Zodiac which is known for producing more truth exaggerators than most other signs. So it is not surprising that he doesn’t seem to be able to even stick to his own truth much of the time. 
The 9 is also representative of one who is said to be a very old soul. There are certainly many positives about 9 destiny/character people, but they can sometimes get carried away with their desire to appear as good as possible, and sometimes to others as being better than they know themselves to be.
Those who are born on a 9 day (the 9th, 18th, or 27th) definitely have strong humanitarian inclinations because that is their “inside” personality. It is simply who they are, and not something generally they would have a need to prove or talk about, even though their friends and family would be well aware of this strong humanitarian characteristic.
If you want to know if you or someone you know has a 9 destiny, add together all the numbers in their birth date and reduce that addition to a single digit. Those born on a 9 day (9th, 18th, or 27th) are more inclined to be honest humanitarians who want to do something to help others in some way. It’s those with their name and destiny that are more inclined to the lower side of their elevated number 9.


I’ve spent hours analyzing the November 6th election results and came to the conclusion that the easiest thing I could write about was my analysis of the birth dates of those women who were recently elected to office in the House of Representatives.

As you are all likely aware, there was a “flood of women” who threw their hat into the proverbial House of Representative’s ring, which ended up not only giving the Democrats a majority hold on the House, but also represented the largest influx of federal female legislators in our country’s history.

I decided to analyze winners (both Democrats and Republicans) by their days of birth [the 1st, 5th, 16th, etc., which I call the “Personality” number] and the full addition of their birth dates [which offers their “destiny numbers”] to see how many women who won had more of the “female-oriented” numbers [2, 4, 6, 8, 11]. These are the numbers that put greater emphasis on helping, serving and nurturing humankind, as opposed to the “male-oriented” numbers [1, 3, 5, 7, 9] which are generally associated with action and enhancing things that advance mankind to higher levels of dominion. Any of the numbers can go either way, but the dominant mission of the “female-oriented” numbers is that of nurturing over supremacy. The 9 and 11, because of their primary spiritual mission, can fluctuate back and forth, but ultimately tend to follow their higher calling.

My analysis of the women both elected and re-elected, which totaled 130, showed that the highest counts for the day-of-birth numbers were 3 [with 23], 4 [with 19], 6 [with 18], and 8 [with 13] totaling 73, which is more than one-half of the women who won their elections. The following are brief interpretations of these personality numbers:

THE PERSONALITY NUMBER: This influence defines someone’s true self – the self that is exhibited when you are in your most comfortable environment.

The “3” personality gives the individual eloquence, charm, and a pleasing nature which is a great asset in political corridors. They also have a strong interest in the sciences, a definite love of the arts, and will work to bring attention and endowments to them. The 3 also gives them an ability to make everyone in their environment feel included and valued.

The “4” personality tends to present a more direct and emphatic persona. She/he must express their truth regardless of how it may fall on opposing ears. The 4, being a female-oriented number, cares greatly about helping and serving others and can easily take up causes that call for inordinate and concentrative efforts for their cause. They are dedicated and loyal to their constituents, as well as great debaters.

The “6” personality is the quintessential nurturing person. Whether a woman or man, these people have a heart for “the many” and they tend to be especially concerned with helping those who have the most difficulty attaining the help and services they need. Their concern for fairness and justice is a prominent passion and they can be quite self-righteous in these areas.

The “8” personality is the “Chairman of the Board.” These women can effectively and efficiently run a country, if so inclined. They are confident, competent, dignified, honorable, organized and resourceful. They hold their ingrained principles above all else and usually bring a progressive quality to everything they do. Their executive abilities are unparalleled, and their integrity and judiciousness are their greatest strengths. These women are exemplars and will likely bring positive changes to the House (and Senate) by their leadership.

THE DESTINY NUMBER: This is the most powerful influence of all. It is the compelling force within someone that gives a sense of focus and direction. It offers with whom, and what, where, and how someone will manifest their life.

The Destiny Numbers that were most prevalent in the women who won the election in 2018 were the 4 [with 23], 7 [with 21] and 8 [15].

The 4 destiny gives this individual a yearning to help others through their work, in one way or another. The political arena is certainly a perfect fit to render and fulfill this need. These people tend to be forthright, honest, extremely dedicated, loyal and dependable. When they are committed to a job or cause, they will extend themselves beyond the call of duty. They are like the Rock of Gibraltar – steady, firm, reliable, and self-confident, and they never deny a request that is associated with their commitment no matter how arduous or time-consuming it may be. Microsoft’s Bill Gates is a good example of this steadfast and philanthropic number vibration.

The 7 destiny gives one uncommon dignity and grace, especially in the public. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a good example of this destiny number. This number delivers genius and a perfectionist nature that can be incomparable. These people would desire to be in the political arena to bring forth their concepts of how to make the world a better place. They are deep thinkers and possess a unique and unconventional approach that can bring about extraordinary changes in any area on which they are focused.

The 8 destiny is tailor-made for the political field. It is the number of money, power, and fame, but it is also one of the “nurturing” numbers. Most born with this destiny number have a gnawing need to help and serve mankind. They are born capable of handling the high office they seek and, once committed, cannot let anyone down for any reason in relation to their work and commitment, and that includes themselves. They are the most earnest, efficient, persevering, and prudent of all the numbers. General Douglas MacArthur, who was born on an 8 day with an 8 destiny, is a great example of the capabilities of an 8-destiny person.

Basically, there is approximately a 50/50 ratio of the female-oriented numbers to the male-oriented numbers in this compilation. In my not-so-humble opinion, I believe a balanced ratio whenever decisions are being made for the general public is a good thing. Of course, males have the female-oriented numbers, too, just as women have male-oriented numbers, so it would appear that we are trending toward balance not only in gender, but also in numerological influences that broaden the perspective and hopefully the wisdom of our governance.

One day, perhaps sooner than later (like 2020, if another “flood of women” run for and win public offices) the ratio of actual males to females will be as balanced in Congress as the numbers influencing our newest members of the house.

It has been frequently repeated in recent years that we are in a time when the frequency of energy represented by the female gender is being reinvigorated for the betterment of not only our country, but the world and our planet. This numerological examination suggests we are making good progress toward that destiny.


What will be the outcome for the local, state, and national elections on November 6th? My analysis of the numbers for the USA in this year on that date indicates that there will be a positive outcome, but for which faction of our divided country?  That is quite difficult to determine and I must say that I am aware that my personal preferences could prejudice my analysis of this subject matter. 

Since this is the “woman’s millennium,” I decided it might be more interesting and hopefully more objective to analyze election numbers from a gender perspective vs political ideology. While women have been able to vote for over a century, they are still a decided minority in Congress today at less than 20% (19.4% to be exact). And even though 50 years have passed since the Women’s Rights Movement was launched in 1968, only 5% of women are CEOs of major corporations and women’s wages are still approximately 13% below those of their male counterpart in the US. The country’s numbers suggest that these statistics will experience a rapid change over the next few decades, beginning in 2020, if not on the 6th of November this year. 

From a numerological standpoint, America is in a personal 4 year, and November is its personal 6 month. The 4 is a number that helps to bring forth a secure and stable foundation to ensure personal goals are achieved. The 6 is all about accountability, responsibility, a balancing of the scales, and humanitarianism, so with those qualities as its guide posts, November 6th is an appropriate date for tallying up votes to learn which goals for governance will be met. 

Moreover, the 6th of November is the day the votes will be cast and counted. My calculations show it as 3 day for the USA. The 3 is a symbol of joy and elation, and also good fortune, and the numbers suggest that a majority of US citizens will experience these feelings as a result of the election. Perhaps more women of both parties will win their elections and there will be an overall feeling of positivity from both parties due to this potential outcome.

The 2 is the most prevalent number vibration in the 2000s.  We are coming up on 2020 and there are two 2s and two 0s in that number (the latter being associated with divine guidance, inspiration, and protection). The 2 is the number of peace, harmony, altruism, cooperation, courteousness, hospitality, and trustworthiness, among other things. Those are qualities that America needs to reclaim in state and national politics! Perhaps this change will come about because of gender rather than party affiliation and if so, then a tsunami wave of the female persuasion voting and winning in the upcoming elections will be the reset our country needs.

My mental flag of victory is flying high for a big win by women in the upcoming elections.


ARETHA LOUISE FRANKLIN, born March 25, 1942, had an 8 Destiny, which is the highest “nurturing” symbol in numerology. The 8-vibration not only gave Aretha her magnificent and superlative musical abilities, but also a lust for cooking, and grand cooking at that! Smokey Robinson, who was her friend from childhood, recently commented on a talk show that Aretha was the best cook he had ever known. That’s because whatever an 8-oriented person decides to do, they bring good taste and quality to whatever they create. Martha Stewart, who also has an 8 destiny, is a good example in the cooking realm.

The outstanding traits of someone with an 8 in a prominent position in their birthdate, i.e., the day on which they were born, or the full addition of their birthdate, have a greater ability than any of the other number vibrations to rise to their highest calling. Many with the prominent 8 are considered “exemplars” – setting the example for others to emulate, the teacher of teachers, and/or Class Acts. Aretha certainly lived up to those qualities, and more.

Aretha shares her 8-destiny with a few other supreme notables in the music world, namely Smokey Robinson, Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Nicks, as well as superlative contributors in other fields: Paul Newman, Laurence Olivier, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Kelly, Jonas Salk, Alan Shepard, Mickey Mantle, Jane Fonda, Diane Sawyer, Richard Gere, Sandra Bullock, and Denecio Del Toro, to name only a few.

Those with a prominent 8 in their chart can also be known as control freaks, but that’s mainly because they cannot or will no do anything but superlative work – and they cannot let anyone down, including themselves, the latter being what takes them to the great heights they are destined to achieve, if they are so inspired.


Tennis phenom SERENA WILLIAMS‘birthdate also has the 8 in a prominent position. She was born on the 26th(2+6 =8) of September. She shares her athletic 8-ness with several other exemplary athletes, as follows: her sister Venus Williams who was born on June 17th (1+7=8), 1980, Roger Federer (born 8-8-1981 = 8), Usain Bolt (born 8-21-1986 = 53/8), QB Tom Brady (born 8-3-1977 = 35/8), Muhammed Ali (born 1-17/8, 1942), and Wayne Gretzky (born 1-26/8-1961). Each of these individuals were and/or are superlative in their athletic endeavors and are listed in Google as the best of all the rest


These two individuals were born in the same month, on the same day, nine years apart, which gave them the same “destiny” number. 

Tiger’s birthday is December 30, 1975 (12+30+1975 = 64 and 6+4 = 10 and 1+0 = 1)

LeBron’s birthday is December 30, 1984 (12+30+1984 = 64 and 6+4 = 10 and 1+0 = 1)

The number 1 is the number vibration that indicates that anyone possessing this as a “destiny” number will not even get in a game, be it a board game, video game or ANY game, unless they believe they can win. The skills they develop to ensure they will win whenever they complete render them definite major contenders for the winners’ circle. However, unlike 8s who generally can roll with the punches if they don’t win, those with 1s are much less forgiving of themselves if they lose, so they make sure they have chosen a sure-fire route to winning before they will even throw their hat in the ring. And when they do, they are definitely IN IT TO WIN IT! This is mainly because they cannot tolerate losing. Losing is their primary nemesis. Every loss for Tiger or LeBron stays firmly bound in their memory banks which, from a positive standpoint, inevitably spurs them on to greater and greater heights, which both Tiger and LeBron have achieved. 

Tiger is making a comeback, but the losses he has to experience while getting there will lie heavily in his memory. Hopefully he has learned to manage his mental angst so that he can make the comeback he has the capability of achieving. He is the only reason I ever watched the game of golf, and I’m finding myself checking Google to see if he’s in a winning mode or still on somewhat shaky ground. Go Tiger!

LeBron is obviously not going to retire until he has achieved his greatest win of all, which may happen by his joining the LAKERS. However, those born with a 1 destiny, like LeBron, have a hard time following the dictates of others – even coaches. LeBron will likely give NBA fans much in the way of entertainment but whether his prowess will help the LAKERS pull off a win over the WARRIORS is something else. My prediction is that the Warriors will win the playoffs in 2019. Go WARRIORS! 


Ms. Spade was born on December 24, 1962, which is, interestingly, the same birth date as her husband Andrew Spade. Because they have the same birth date, they, therefore, had many of the same influences in their numerological charts at the time of Kate’s death. However, because they had different names, there were also significant differences. At that time, Andrew’s chart had an influence that portended that he would be given the opportunity to gain latent strength through strife and trials. That influence is not in Ms. Spade’s chart.

They both had the influence of the number 30 in their lives at age 55, and at the time of Kate’s death. I have often found the 30 in the charts of those who die accidentally or unexpectedly, and have referred to it as the number that depicts “the bird being let out of its cage.” It is also a number of joy and happiness, so that definition seems apt when one considers that Ms. Spade was psychologically “caged” by her own mind and is now released from the thoughts that bound her in depression.

Ms. Spade also had the number 18 come into her chart at the same time as the number 30. It portends possible onset of illness or depression, especially if one is prone to those conditions. It is usually a “wake-up” symbol to seriously address those elements should they be prevalent in one’s life. 

Her “destiny” number (the full addition of the birth date) was a 9. She definitely lived the 9 to its fullest expression, described as the destiny number that can bestow success beyond one’s expectations in business, which certainly occurred in her life.

Both Kate and Andrew were in a 1 personal year, which ushers in major shifts in one’s life, along with powerful turning points. It is a year of new beginnings, casting out the old and welcoming in the new, and from my esoteric philosophy, they are both experiencing those things in different dimensions.


As almost everyone in the western world is aware, Stephen Hawking (born: January 8, 1942) died on March 13, 2018, a day before Einstein’s birthday.  I mention this because Hawking recently expressed that a young American woman, Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, who has a PhD in High Energy Physics from MIT and was born: June 3, 1993, is, in his opinion, the “NEW” EINSTEIN.  Such a grand compliment from such a grand master!

Hawking’s statement made me quite curious to determine, from a numerological standpoint, if there were any commonalities in the charts of Einstein and Pasterski. Lo and behold! I found aspects that will forever change my way of viewing and expressing the Name Numbers in a numerological chart.

My “Grand Slam” finding was that Pasterski’s Name Numbers were IDENTICAL to Einstein’s.  And, the fact that Hawking was able to see a parallel to Einstein in what Pasterski is delivering professionally at her very young age gives me a greater understanding that, from a mystical science standpoint, the Name Numbers offer much more about an individual’s capabilities and capacity to manifest what they came to achieve in this lifetime than I had previously given them.

Here is a brief definition of what those common numbers for Einstein and Pasterski are and what their influence is:

Albert Einstein’s name reduces to the number 9. This is called “The Character Number.”  The vowels in his name, which express his “Soul’s Urge,” reduce to the number 11, and the consonants in his name, referred to as the “Inner Self,” reduce to the number 7. Pasterski’s chart shows the EXACT SAME NUMBERS, IN THOSE EXACT SAME POSITIONS!

The “CHARACTER NUMBER 9” (derived from adding together all the numbers applied to the name from birth and reducing them to a single digit): 

The “Character Number” is the most influential of the name numbers. It is the number that an individual will defer to in every aspect of his social and outside-of-the home life.  Having the 9 as this main influence would have given Einstein (and Pasterski) a pleasing, genial, and conciliatory social presence. This particular name number is the sign of a very old, advanced soul, and one who could readily access the vast amount of knowledge he/she carries with them in their Akashic record (the records that are carried into each lifetime). 

The “SOUL URGE NUMBER 11”(derived from adding together all the numbers associated with the vowels in the name from birth and reducing them to a single digit, except when it is a double-digit “Master Number”):

The Soul Urge is basically just that – the urge of the soul in this lifetime – and the Einstein/Pasterski “soul urge” is the 11. The 11 is the highest number on the spiritual plane because it is like having two VERY highly-tuned antennas sticking out of the top of one’s head which can readily connect with extra-dimensional realms (which is where all devotees of meditation traverse).  It is my opinion that this “soul urge” has enabled Einstein and Pasterski to bypass the staid scientific dictates of the Third Dimension by readily empowering them to meander about in the higher realms (dimensions) and deliver to us ordinary folks their brilliant, other-worldly knowledge.

The “HIDDEN AGENDA NUMBER 7” (derived from adding together all the numbers applied to the consonants in the name from birth and reducing them to a single digit or “master number”): 

This is an influence that is not as front and center as the other number vibrations, but it is the “hidden” objective or capability of a soul’s essence in this lifetime. This number for Einstein/Pasterski is number 7, which briefly represents easily accessing innate wisdom and genius, much like the 9 and the 11.  In fact, the 11, 7 and 9, as a combination in those positions, is an absolute sign of someone who could even be perceived as other-worldly on this plane, which we have learned is an apt description of Einstein’s basic nature.

The “BIRTH MONTH NUMBERS”: Einstein’s and Pasterski’s “BIRTHDAY NUMBERS” are also comparable. Both Einstein and Pasterski were born in months that indicate a very strong “mother” presence in their childhoods, which has been documented in their bios. The March child (Einstein) many times has a special position in the delineation of siblings, first or last, or is an only child, and has a natural (perhaps past life) affinity to the mother.

Paterski was born in June, which usually endows the child with an inordinate sense of responsibility to the mother in childhood.  That sometimes lasts far into adulthood for many who are born in the 6 month.

The “BIRTH-DAY NUMBERS”: Einstein was born on the 14th and Pasterski on the 3rd.  Both of those day-number vibrations can be utilized by the individual possessing them in a computer-like fashion, especially if the child is inclined to be more linear than right-brain oriented.  Many scientists have prominent influences of the 3s and 5s, but when lived in the right-brain mode, a person with these numbers would tend to move more toward the arts and social activities over desiring to scrutinize and conjure up scientific theorems.  In Einstein’s case and perhaps in Pasterski’s, we wee an individual who is able to apply their excellent logical capabilities creatively and perhaps even artistically.

The “DESTINY NUMBERS” (derived from adding together all the numbers in the birthdate and reducing them down to a single digit or “Master Number”:

Einstein’s “destiny number” is a 33/6 and Pasterski’s is a 22/4, and both are “master numbers.” What that means is that both of these individuals came into this lifetime to do more than most people would ever fathom.  But, even if those Destiny Number were not “Master Numbers,” the single-digit numbers that are derived from them – the 6 and the 4 — would have that kind of nature regardless.  Both influences would find themselves going the extra mile and giving more than they are asked to give, and loving every minute of it, regardless of whether it was a menial task or making the latest discovery in High Energy Science.    

There are several ways that Einstein’s 33/6 Destiny is manifest. One would be representative of a person who would likely enjoy researching and analyzing everything under the sun. Obviously, Einstein would have fallen in that mode. Another manifestation of this 33/6 Destiny is that of being nurturing and caring, sometimes to extremes because 6s have difficulty saying “No” to anyone, and enjoying working in fields and for causes that help people and things that need help the most, like children, animals, and the earth.  Six-destiny people are the most responsible, reliable, dedicated, conscientious people alive. They consciously cannot let anyone down, including themselves.  Einstein put all of those qualities to work for him in the scientific world.

Pasterski’s 22/4 destiny number is very comparable to the 33/6 destiny.  She would take every commitment very seriously and never, if at all possible, drop the ball, so to speak. Candid, conscientious, determined, disciplined, exacting, organized, principled, resolute and self-possessed are only the tip of her proclivities and personality qualities. As mentioned above, Pasterski has the elevation of a Ph.D. from MIT, but, regardless of how many degrees she might possess or awards and gains she may achieve in her future, because of her 22/4 destiny, she would likely always be a down-to-earth workaholic, who loves what she does so much that she would want to do it all the time and forever. In other words, when people with 22/4 destinies find their niche, they would rather be working at that passion than anything else in life.

In closing, I would like to add that Einstein was a known spiritualist and very comfortable with the task of marrying scientific discovery to spirituality in a manner that brings the notion of consciousness, that it currently lacks, into the real world of ”concreteness.” Perhaps Pasterski will follow in his footsteps in this regard and advance the work of scientists like Einstein, Hawking, and others who so ably married their scientific discoveries with humanitarian and spiritual concepts. Who knows – maybe Pasterski will be the individual who definitely provides the science and data that reveal the creative force that animates all that is! 


With all the “divisions” going on in our great country these days, we sometimes overlook some of the most reinforcing wonders of our existence, like daisies and dandelions growing between cracks in sidewalks.  Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate activist, joining forces to help bring education to young women all over the world may be much more valuable and dynamic than those daisies and dandelions bursting through what could be formidable barriers, but the effect is much the same.


In my humble opinion and numerologically speaking, there is no better combo than Tim Donald Cook (born November 1, 1960) and Malala Yousafzai (born July 12, 1997) to manifest this monumental step forward in humanity.


Tim Cook’s name number is a 6, the number of the humanitarian.  The name number indicates what he is most inclined to effect in his public life. The 6 is a leader — a leader for fairness and justice for all. That philosophy would be a strong element in all his dealings, but there’s more to Mr. Cook than that, obviously. 


His name from birth offers that he is a “Dharmic Soul,” which, in numerology, is a soul who returns to this plane to one day help the many, as opposed to the few, in some humanitarian way. It appears he has found his “mission.” 


Also, Cook would not have been chosen by Steve Jobs to replace him as the CEO of Apple if he didn’t have some of his the same qualities. In that regard, Cook’s  “destiny number,” which is a 1, is the same as Jobs. That means that Cook shares the same original, entrepreneurial, and innovative proclivities. There are other aspects to Cook’s and Jobs’ charts that show he could also be as formidable a CEO as Jobs, but he is now applying some of those attributes to pioneer a project that hopefully can change the lives of thousands, if not millions, of girls and women around the world.


In a previous newsletter I had written about Malala in which I expressed how ironic it was that her tragic attack was carried out on October 9, 2014, the anniversary of John Lennon’s birthday.  It is also fascinating that Malala has the same destiny number as Mother Teresa which is the 9, the number of the “universal humanitarian.” Malala’s name number, which is the 1, is the same number as Jobs’ and Cooks’ destiny numbers, Both of those numbers give her the same powerful leadership abilities, courage, stamina and follow-through resolve that will be called for to affect this wonderful project. 


I have often offered in my past newsletters that the 21st century is the “Women’s Millennium.” I envision the combination of Cook and Malala as building a symbolic Ark for the millions of young girls all over the world who might never gain an education without these two individuals at the helm.  They are steering “the Women’s Millennium Ark” toward the future with more and more young women taking positions of leadership and authority, through their educations and natural nurturing qualities, to save the earth from the devastation that is currently being imposed upon it and to impact a multitude of human quality-of-life issues.


I couldn’t find a funding site for this project, but I’m sure there will be an announcement for it in the not-too-far future.  I can “see” through my numerological lens, that the next 2 years will be difficult for both Cook and Malala. Cook is going to be “working his buns off” like never before through 2019, and Malala’s chart shows that she will have accomplished something that brings her even greater recognition and honor by 2021.  Malala is currently a student at Oxford University, so her plate is filled to the brim at this time, too.


Gracious and giving projects like this are necessary in times like these to help raise our consciousness to a higher level. Needless to say, Tim Cook and Malala Yousafzai deserve our appreciation and support for taking on this incredibly daunting, yet enormously rousing and stimulating, project.


After Mariah Carey canceled her last tour, I decided to check out her numerological chart and found that 1) she is feeling unappreciated, 2) she could have some depression, and 3) between her ages of 44 through to 52 (she is currently 47), she is being “spiritually tested,” which ostensibly means she needs to check her own actions and reactions to find solutions to her health and mental problems.  Her divorce from Nick Cannon was only a year ago on November 2nd, and her relationship with Australian businessman James Packer ended on October 20th of this year, so she hasn’t been experiencing the best partnership circumstances.

Mariah’s chart indicates that she will be going through some personal angst for the next 2-3 years and after her birthday in 2020 it appears that she will become much more involved in caring for her children or doing something that takes her outside of herself as the focus. However, in 2023 she will make a comeback like never before which continues for 10 years. No one can keep Mariah down, including Mariah. 

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