The day Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed was June 12, 1994. Being a numerologist, I analyzed that date at the time the killings were revealed (because all numbers offer a numerologist information that isn’t apparent to others) and I discovered the following:

6 (June) + 1 + 2 (the 12th) + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 = 32

It just so happens that the number 32 is the jersey number that O. J. Simpson wore from his High School football years and throughout his NFL career.

Is this sheer coincidence?  Or is there a force or source from the ethers that, one way or another, delivers the truth.  

Whatever side one may be on, in this regard, it might give both sides a contemplative pause.



In The Now
PRINCE HARRY: Prince Harry’s numerological chart shows that he has been distressed for some time, having the number 18/9 [can denote depression or ill health] that has influenced his life from age 28 through to age 35. Interestingly, he is turning 36 on his next birthday, and the influence that comes in at that time, and stays in for a 9-year period, is the number 25 [the 25 indicates changes in residence, trials, and success after difficulties]. Because the #25 influence starts at age 36, it may take a few months to rearrange their lives, but there are other numbers that show that all will turn out well for them.
PRINCESS MEGHAN: Ms. Meghan’s chart has the number 13/4 from age 32 to 41. She is currently 38. The #13 in that position indicates “the death of the old and beginning of the new.” Casting off all that was before and beginning anew, in a transformative manner. That certainly occurred in a big way when she married Prince Harry, and since that #13 stays in until she is 41, I would say that the birth of Archie and this current transition are part of what is needed for her to fulfill that transformation. From age 36 until she is 45, she has the number 30 in an influential position and that is the number of “bounty and good fortune.” In another position in her chart, which offers how she handles all the shifts and changes going on in her life, she has the 29/11 which is one of the strongest spiritual test numbers. So it appears that she asked to be transformed spiritually as well as physically during this period of her life and we all get to watch that take place on the world stage!  
Harry and Meghan are truly Soul Mates. In fact, they score 3 points below Level 8 (the highest level in my app, Cosmic Mates, which is available in the Apple App Store. That means they are exceptionally well suited to one another. Prince Harry has a 1 destiny and a 6 personality, and Princess Meghan has a 4 destiny and a 4 personality. Those are some of the highest scoring numbers for compatibility in the app. The 1 and 4 as their destiny numbers are the classic “renegade” numbers. As I have expressed before, the 1, 4 and 7 are what I call the “renegade” numbers having any one of those 3 numbers as a ” destiny number”(which both Prince Harry and Princess Meghan do) makes it most difficult for either of them to march to the mainstream drumbeat. They are people who “think out of the box.” Prince William and Princess Catherine, on the other hand, have the 11 and 3, respectively, as their destiny numbers, giving them very protocol–oriented dispositions, along with charm and guile. So, in my opinion, they were unquestionably chosen for the positions they hold in the royal court. Harry’s and Meghan’s numbers, not so much.
Harry and Meghan also have identical symbols in the science associated with playing cards (they are both born under the 9 of Clubs which is the symbol of Universal knowledge), endowing them with revelations about life and “universal truths” and enforcing in them the need to help and serve others “universally,” as opposed to one local. 
In addition to the above, this is a most auspicious year for both Meghan and Harry. Meghan is in a 6 personal year, which usually indicates moves and love matches – the latter being undoubtedly Little Archie! Harry is in a personal 9 year, which usually brings a significant ending to what has gone before over the past 8 years, and a move to Canada would certainly fulfill that prophecy. Both of their charts show numbers that will bode them well for many years to come. 
It is of particular interest to me that these cosmic mates are showing up so prominently right now in our collective consciences and right when I am announcing the publication of my latest book “You Are Your Best Soul Mate”. What stands out in the charts of both Prince Harry and Princess Meghan is that they each have numbers that signify they know who they are as individuals and more often than not, are living to their highest potential. They bring this “self-love” to bear in their relationship and in the public arena as well.  
To have your best possible life, it is so very important to love yourself. Numerology can provide very helpful guidance in this regard, along with the spiritual tenets I have learned over the past many years. “You Are Your Best Soul Mate” offers those kinds of helpful insights. It has recently been published by Balboa Press and is available via the Hay House catalogue and on Amazon.com.  
“You Are Your Best Soul Mate; Learn to Respect Yourself by The Numbers in Your Life” is a relatively short, easy read and below are some key objectives of the book: 
1. To familiarize you with how higher consciousness can help you to help yourself;
2. To explain what the Ego-Self and Soulful-Self are and the ways those factors affect your life and happiness.  
3. To clarify why it is best to “stay in the now.”
4. To learn more about why self-love and forgiveness are such important qualities to use to help you be your best self. 
5. To learn the most positive aspects of the primary numbers in your life, so you can better understand and embrace the gifts you brought with you and to maximize your innate qualities in all aspects of your life.
In summary, Prince Harry and Meghan are wonderful examples of two people who embrace who they are as individuals . As a couple, they are now turning their attention to what they both need individually, and as a couple. They are trailblazing a future life that is independent of cultural or social expectations. Please join me in wishing them well!!


Greta Thunberg Is Courageous and Inspiring
The letters in Greta’s full name from birth (Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg) show that she has come onto this earth as a “Dharmic” soul (a soul with a specific mission). Dharmic souls are here to set an example for others to emulate, whether that is expressed through their career or a cause. WHEREVER THEY ARE AND WHATEVER THEIR FOCUS, THEY WILL LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION ON THOSE IN THEIR PRESENCE. A few other well-known Dharmic souls are President John F. Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Apple’s Tim Cook, Google founder Sergey Brim, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Mahatma Gandhi, Maya Angelou, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Star Athletes Babe Ruth, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, and Tom Brady.
Greta’s destiny number (the full addition of the birthdate) is 9, the number of the Universal Humanitarian. Those with a 9 destiny are considered “old souls.” The 9 is said to contain the qualities of all the other single-digit number, 1 through 8. These “old souls” possess an enlightened, creative, idealistic, philanthropic, and compassionate nature. Mother Teresa had that same destiny number. Greta and Mother Teresa had many commonalities as you will read below.
There are several other outstanding 9-destny individuals who are known for their valiant efforts to help affect profound change on a national or global scale. Dolores Huerta is one who was courageously dedicated to changing the way migrant Mexican farmworkers were treated and paid in America. Another is Gloria Steinem, the initiator, leader, and spokesperson for the feminist movement in the 60’s and 70’s, and champion civil rights and freedom, and Mahatma Gandhi who championed civil rights, pacifism, and national independence. Two others who merit mention in this newsletter as humanitarian heroes who didn’t have 9 destinies, but were born on a 9 day, were John Lennon (born on October 9, 1940) [especially for the lyrics and music to “Imagine.”], and Nelson Mandela (born on July 18/9, 1918), the anti-apartheid and unparalleled political unifier from South Africa. 
Greta was born on the 3rd and Mother Teresa on the 26th. Both of those numbers are usually associated with personalities that adhere to strict codes of ethics and principles when connected with a particular cause or great responsibility.
It is interesting that both Mother Teresa and Greta Thunberg’s recognized their callings at a young age. According to the information in Wikipedia, Greta’s passion for helping to bring attention to the world of global warming began at her ages of 11 and 12. And, by age 12, Mother Teresa also became convinced that she should commit herself to a religious life. 
Greta’s “Purpose Number” which is the purpose of the archetypal self, or her soulful mission, is the 8 – to lead, direct, initiate, and instigate as a leader of something that helps others in some way. Mother Teresa’s “purpose number” was the 1 – the number of the initiator, innovator and/or the pioneer of a way or means that helps the many, as opposed to the few.
Mother Teresa offered many now famous quotes, one of which applies to Greta’s mission as well as hers: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.
And another “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Greta has also delivered a quote that may reflect why she has taken on such a monumental challenge: Her quote, offered by TEDx Talk in Stockholm, in November of 2018, is as follows: “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments.”
More and more people, companies, communities, and countries are waking up to the profound risk associated with extreme climate that has become our new normal. While many have been raising the alarm for the past several decades, Greta has galvanized this conversation and awakening in a manner that is wholly consistent with the power of her numbers. Like Mother Teresa, who elevated the plight of the unseen and ignored poorest of the poor to worldwide prominence, Greta has logarithmically intensified our focus on this very real threat to our very existence on this planet. We are so fortunate to have individuals like this come into our midst to lead humanity on such a wide scale for such profoundly important matters.


What Do “Phenoms” Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Kyle Giersdorf Have In Common?
Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975 and his destiny number is the 1.
LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984 and his destiny number is the 1. 
Kyle Giersdorf (the 16 year-old gamer who just won $3,000,000 at the Fortnite World Cup) was born on December 30, 2002, and his destiny number is also a 1.
The commonalities in these three “phenoms,” from a numerological standpoint, are as follows:
1) Having been born in December gave each of them a good start in life because more than generally the child born in the 12 month is treated as a special child in their family, usually by being the first, the last, or the only child. Both Tiger and LeBron were only children. I wasn’t able to learn much about Kyle’s family, so that remains to be known, but I would say he’s likely going to be treated pretty specially because of his youthful accomplishment!!  
2) Being born on the 30th is another good fortune element they all possess. The 30 is known as the number of “CELEBRATION” and each of these ace performers have had ample cause to do that. The 30 is known for endowing them with good fortune, originality, leadership skills, discipline and dedication, among other things
3) Each has a 1 destiny number (“destiny” meaning what they focus on to create their destiny), and all three would tend to have the qualities associated with that number in order to do what they have accomplished. The 1 destiny is called the path of the risk-taker, the entrepreneur (Steve Jobs also had a 1 destiny), and the wholly independent trailblazer. Each one has gravitated to the “high side” of this number by becoming experts in their sport.  
One more “phenom” who is likely to rise before our eyes in the near future, who was born on December 30, 1993, and who also has a 1 destiny is Justin Dior Combs. He is the son of Sean Combs. Young Combs is currently a football defensive back at Iona Prep. Expect to hear more about this young man’s football feats.
Another birthdate trilogy that has always intrigued to me is that of O. J. Simpson, Tom Hanks, and Jimmy Smits. All three were born on July 9, and although each of their years was different, all their birthdates reduced to the number 1.  
The 7 month child many times feels as though they were found under a cabbage leaf because some tend not to identify with their other family members. Not sure that is the case with any of these guys.
Being born on the 9th day of the month indicates a very strong, self-confident personality. These guys could have been somewhat difficult for their parents when growing up but they had a combo of numbers that helped them to make it to the top as well. And that they did!
With this birthdate, in particular, and especially because each birthdate reduces to the number 1, I must add that all the numbers have their positive AND negative sides. All of the individuals in this category have resonated to the “high side” of their numbers professionally. However, O. J. Simpson is an example of an individual who applied his 1 destiny negatively in his personal life. Of course, Tiger Woods’ personal life has also had its challenges. It remains to be seen whether Tiger can eventually use his 1 destiny positively in all arenas of his life as he continues to vie for another winning streak. He has some challenging numbers ahead, so it will be interesting to see how he handles these tests — which are intended to raise him to a higher level, consciously, as a human being.
The 1 is known, on the negative side, as that of the “control freak”, one who can’t let go of grudges, and will usually take revengeful actions in response. And the 9, on its low side, is known as the “Mt. Vesuvius” temper number. Those who have the 9 in a prevalent position in their numerological chart and who become very angry or enraged may blow like a volcano spewing their “anger ashes” hither and yon if they are expressing a more negative 9 energy. Not everyone rises to the high side of their numbers. 
I could have gone on and one with these match-ups but these examples are enough to make it intriguing. Understand that all of the numbers in the different birthdates would carry in them the same personality traits as the person with whom they are being matched. And yet, with some of these pairings you may be tempted to say, “No way could these two people be alike!” Sometimes it’s quite hard to see the likenesses – especially with those who where born in different eras and for whom we do not have much information except that which makes them famous. Numerology tells us, however, that they are more alike than we might suspect!
Doris Day (April 3, 1922) and Alec Baldwin (April 3, 1958);
Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928) and David Blaine (April 4, 1973);
Jim Carrey (January 17, 1962 and Al Capone (January 17, 1899);
Susan B. Anthony (January 15, 1820) and Chris Farley (January 15, 1964);
Rod Stewart (January 10, 1945 and Jared Kushner, January 10, 1981); 
Tom Cruise (July 3, 1962) and Julian Assange (July 3, 1971);
Sylvester Stallone (July 6, 1946) and George W. Bush (July 6, 1946);
Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1969) and Amelia Earhart (July 24, 1897);
Meryl Streep (June 22, 1949) and Elizabeth Warren (June 22, 1949);
Elon Musk (June 28, 1971) and Mel Brooks (June 28, 1926); 
Johnny Depp (June 9, 1963) and Natalie Portman (June 9, 1981);
Donald Trump (June 14, 1946) and Che Guevara (June 14, 1928); 
Angelina Julie (June 4, 1975) and Russell Brand (June 4, 1975); 
Tina Fey (May 18, 1970) and George Strait (May 18, 1952); 
Jack Nicholson (April 22, 1937) and Machine Gun Kelly (April 22, 1990);
Jessica Alba (April 28, 1981) and Saddam Hussein (April 28, 1937); 
Cosmic Mates


Handsome Mr. Bourdain took his life on June 8, 2018, just 3 days after Ms. Spade’s departure. Some of the characterizations of him by his closest friends were as follows:

“He gave all of himself in everything he did.” Asia Argento

“He was a huge personality, a giant talent, a unique voice, and deeply, deeply human.” Christian Amanpour

“A gifted chef and brilliant story-teller.” Chef Eric Ripert

“He was quite a character.” (spoken by one who would know)President Donald Trump

Interestingly, from a numerological standpoint, I would agree with Donald Trump’s statement, as well as all the others. Mr. Bourdain had a most exceptional and interesting numerological chart.

First and foremost, he was what is called a “Dharmic soul,” which, in the mystical science of numerology, means he was a very evolved soul and came to this earth on a mission. 

Second, he had one of the most unique charts I have ever seen. As those who have come to me for readings know, the given name offers how one presents oneself in the public and socially. Mr. Bourdain’s name number was the 7 which indicates he would have been an expert at whatever he was presenting to the public or socially, as the 7 is known as the number of genius, perfection, and wisdom.

Third, he was born on the 25th of June, which made his “personality” number also a 7 (2+5 = 7). As a personality, he would resonate to all the qualities mentioned above but also be very private and contained about his personal life, even to his best friends. Most with 7s in prominent positions in their charts are not inclined to divulge much about themselves or be boastful or self-aggrandizing.

Fourth, his destiny number (the full addition of his birth date) was also a 7. He would gravitate to unique and unusual things and be unique and unusual himself in getting there. He was for sure an exemplar of a visionary. 

And one more significant and coincidental aspects of Mr. Bourdain’s death of date, June 8, 2018, is that date also reduced to a 7 (6 [June] + 8 + 2018 = 25 and 2+5 = 7). 

My conclusion is that Mr. Bourdain was not only astute and unique, but so much more. Being as evolved as he was, I would say that perhaps he cleverly chose his own date of death to stay true to his own destiny – which was the 7 – a combination of enlightened genius and perfection, coupled with purposeful exactness! Perhaps at a spiritual level, because he was a Dharmic soul, he had completed his mission and therefore was free to go whenever he wished. 


The date a couple is married is like a birth.  I always analyze it as if it were a child being born on that date and what that child’s personality would exhibit.  The following is what this royal couple’s marriage date portends:

The 5th month of the year is associated with the number 5, which attracts a marriage union of those who are energetic and active, have style savvy with a flair for the unconventional, and who bring together an eclectic collection of friends and family members. Theirs will be a wedding that combines creative and memorable concepts designed to make their special day interesting and entertaining for all those present.

The marriage “day” is the 19th and in numerology, that number would be reduced to a 1.  The following are the positives of that day number:

A “One marriage day” denotes a coupling of strong, independent, individualistic people. Both parties in this pairing will have their own style, comfort zone, and convictions, as opposed to one being in deference to the other. Ambitious, determined, self-reliant, and loaded with leadership abilities, this couple would stand out in their community as self-reliant citizens and leaders.

Every date has an “attitude” when related to people.  Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s marriage “attitude” is a 6 and the following offers what that holds for their compatibility throughout their marriage: This is the most loving, caring and responsible of all the “attitudes.”  These people love their home, being parents, nurturing animals and all things of the earth.  They are good neighbors and community citizens. Even though their children, animals, and family members received their priority attention, they also enjoy helping with charitable events and causes they believe in – especially humanitarian causes. They have strong principles and values and sometimes it is difficult for them to understand why others don’t acclimate to their fair and just ways. As giving as they are, they often forget to turn that giving nature onto themselves for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Finally, the “destiny number” of their marriage is an 8, a most auspicious destiny number indeed, and very appropriate for this coupling: The number 8 makes this a money-making marriage! This duo will work toward obtaining and gaining the things that are most important to them from a materialistic, artistic, and philosophical standpoint. They will be upstanding citizens who may be honored in their community for their contributions for the good of many.  As an exemplary duo, they are dignified, disciplined, enterprising, and progressive. As parents, they will be principled and pragmatic, inspiring self-confidence and responsibility in their children, along with leadership abilities.

This is a winning marriage date if ever there were one and it is so interesting that it just happens to be the one of this Royal Couple!



Prince Henry of Wales, aka Prince Harry, born on September 15, 1984, has a 1 destiny (destiny = full addition of birth date reduced to a single digit).  Meghan Markle, aka Rachel Meghan Markle, born on August 4, 1981, has a 4 destiny. 

In my opinion, the destiny number is the most significant for compatibility. I have given it extra points in my compatibility app, CosmicMates,* because it denotes what one is likely to gravitate toward as a lifestyle or career, and spawns an attraction to certain types of people, including lovers and friends, as well as social activities. It also denotes what one would like in his/her surroundings, from people to things. It‘s the strongest motivational force in a numerological chart.


* My app, Cosmic Mates, can be downloaded in iTunes or the Apple Store – under Sally Faubion Concepts.

Cosmic Mates gives this pairing a compatibility score of 61 points, which is on the high side of Level 7, and only 3 points away from Level 8 — the highest level in the app.  That score bodes very well for their marriage being a lifetime “made in heaven” union.  Any couple scoring in Level 7 or 8 is bound to have many common qualities from likes and dislikes to attitudes and philosophies. 

After viewing their numerological charts, I would conjecture that they were destined to be together as Harry bestows to Meghan her one karmic challenge which is “paying attention to details” which, I imagine, by becoming the Princess of Wales she will certainly need to accommodate. And, by Harry marrying Meghan, Meghan helps him to fulfill his one and only karmic challenge, which is to be married and have children.  [Aside: The “karmic challenges” denote what one either didn’t accomplish with any dedication or interest in a past life, or avoided altogether.]

Those are not the only pluses of this union. Prince Harry’s “character” number  [derived from his name at birth] is the 99/9 – which denotes a very old soul and also that he has come in this lifetime to help the masses in some fashion or another. That certainly appears to be his inclination from the reports we receive about his humanitarian inclinations. Meghan’s “character” number is the 83/11.  The number 8 imbues her with the ability to be a leader (or Princess) with style and class. The 3 positioned behind the number 8 indicates that she would be charismatic and gregarious in the outside world, expressing herself with style and class.

Finally, the 8 and 3, when added together, become the Master Number 11, a vibration that gives her the gift of elevated intuitive powers, as well as the ability to hold the interest of an audience by her eloquence and charm. This Master Number is known for illuminating its possessor – basically putting Meghan’s name in lights – and in this case – virtually around the world.

Meghan possesses an additional feature that Prince Harry likely delights in, his having been brought up in a world of secrecy and privacy.  Behind the “onstage” scene, she would tend to be very forthright in her responses to questions – delivering “her truth” – likely in a more sophisticated manner than not, but still being very clear about how she feels about this or that, and why.  I’m quite sure that nature would be welcomed by Harry, since he would also have a tendency, with his 1 destiny, desiring to offer his opinions in the same manner, if and when he feels comfortable enough to do so with whomever is listening at the time.

I give this union a 5-star rating. Their charts show me that there will likely be a new little prince or princess appearing on the scene by late 2019 or early 2020, should they be married in the spring of 2018, as is predicted. There are definitely some events that will change their lives for the better in those two years. Meghan’s chart shows that there’s a major shift in her life after her birthday in 2019 and she becomes more content with her life in 2019 and 2020.  Prince Harry’s chart shows that he will be rather profoundly changed, in the positive, by some event that takes place after his birthday in 2019, as well.  So my interpretation of those numbers is that a child will be born in that period. 


After Mariah Carey canceled her last tour, I decided to check out her numerological chart and found that 1) she is feeling unappreciated, 2) she could have some depression, and 3) between her ages of 44 through to 52 (she is currently 47), she is being “spiritually tested,” which ostensibly means she needs to check her own actions and reactions to find solutions to her health and mental problems.  Her divorce from Nick Cannon was only a year ago on November 2nd, and her relationship with Australian businessman James Packer ended on October 20th of this year, so she hasn’t been experiencing the best partnership circumstances.

Mariah’s chart indicates that she will be going through some personal angst for the next 2-3 years and after her birthday in 2020 it appears that she will become much more involved in caring for her children or doing something that takes her outside of herself as the focus. However, in 2023 she will make a comeback like never before which continues for 10 years. No one can keep Mariah down, including Mariah. 

A Numerological Clue to O.J. Simpson

Did The Cosmos Leave A Telling Clue about Who Killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994? Analyzing the date of June 12, 1994, from a numerological standpoint, offers an
intriguing connection to O. J. Simpson. In numerology, series of numbers (like birth dates) are added together and then reduced to a compound number. Could it be that this method of addition left a most significant clue to the identity of the killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman on that day?

6 (June) + 1 + 2 (day) + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 (year) = 32

The No. 32 is the jersey number O. J. Simpson wore when he played football throughout his high school football years, and then the USC Trojans, the Buffalo Bills,
and the San Francisco 49ers.

Harvey Weinstein vs. Bill Cosby: A Numerological Even Match

So good ol’ boy Harvey Weinstein has been dismantled.  Obviously, it’s about time judging from the litany of women who have come forth claiming sexual abuse at his hands, and/or body, as it were.

It’s quite interesting that his numbers are essentially the same as those of Bill Cosby.  He has an 8 as his name number – the number of power, authority, money, and fame, all of which he has achieved, but which also represents someone (on the low side) who likes to be IN CONTROL, not only his outside world, but also behind-the-scenes. Bill Cosby’s name number is the 87, which, on the low side, like Weinstein’s, is someone who likes to be in control of his world (8), and someone who would also have an affinity with the clandestine (7).  

The most remarkable thing about these two brazen cads is that they both have water Sun signs in astrology. Weinstein is a Pisces and Cosby is a Cancer.  And, they both have Scorpio in Mars, which, according to one of my reference books underscores persistence and intensity. By this influence, both would be hard-driving, determined and relentless. Their efforts would be well disciplined and always directed toward a purpose. And, they would tend to be ruthless in their relationships.

That is only a cursory astrological interpretation, but from a numerological standpoint it is even more interesting that both of these alleged lechers have the number 3 as their destiny number.  The 3 is known as the “Peter Pan” influence and represents one who never wants to grow up and, taking it a bit further, likes to flit about with Tinker Bell and Wendy, obvious pseudonyms for every woman who matches their debased fantasy of perfect prey for their debauched motives.

This is a perfect example of ”birds of a feather flocking together.”  

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