28 Oct 2018

What will be the outcome for the local, state, and national elections on November 6th? My analysis of the numbers for the USA in this year on that date indicates that there will be a positive outcome, but for which faction of our divided country?  That is quite difficult to determine and I must say that I am aware that my personal preferences could prejudice my analysis of this subject matter. 

Since this is the “woman’s millennium,” I decided it might be more interesting and hopefully more objective to analyze election numbers from a gender perspective vs political ideology. While women have been able to vote for over a century, they are still a decided minority in Congress today at less than 20% (19.4% to be exact). And even though 50 years have passed since the Women’s Rights Movement was launched in 1968, only 5% of women are CEOs of major corporations and women’s wages are still approximately 13% below those of their male counterpart in the US. The country’s numbers suggest that these statistics will experience a rapid change over the next few decades, beginning in 2020, if not on the 6th of November this year. 

From a numerological standpoint, America is in a personal 4 year, and November is its personal 6 month. The 4 is a number that helps to bring forth a secure and stable foundation to ensure personal goals are achieved. The 6 is all about accountability, responsibility, a balancing of the scales, and humanitarianism, so with those qualities as its guide posts, November 6th is an appropriate date for tallying up votes to learn which goals for governance will be met. 

Moreover, the 6th of November is the day the votes will be cast and counted. My calculations show it as 3 day for the USA. The 3 is a symbol of joy and elation, and also good fortune, and the numbers suggest that a majority of US citizens will experience these feelings as a result of the election. Perhaps more women of both parties will win their elections and there will be an overall feeling of positivity from both parties due to this potential outcome.

The 2 is the most prevalent number vibration in the 2000s.  We are coming up on 2020 and there are two 2s and two 0s in that number (the latter being associated with divine guidance, inspiration, and protection). The 2 is the number of peace, harmony, altruism, cooperation, courteousness, hospitality, and trustworthiness, among other things. Those are qualities that America needs to reclaim in state and national politics! Perhaps this change will come about because of gender rather than party affiliation and if so, then a tsunami wave of the female persuasion voting and winning in the upcoming elections will be the reset our country needs.

My mental flag of victory is flying high for a big win by women in the upcoming elections.

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