06 Feb 2018

With all the “divisions” going on in our great country these days, we sometimes overlook some of the most reinforcing wonders of our existence, like daisies and dandelions growing between cracks in sidewalks.  Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate activist, joining forces to help bring education to young women all over the world may be much more valuable and dynamic than those daisies and dandelions bursting through what could be formidable barriers, but the effect is much the same.


In my humble opinion and numerologically speaking, there is no better combo than Tim Donald Cook (born November 1, 1960) and Malala Yousafzai (born July 12, 1997) to manifest this monumental step forward in humanity.


Tim Cook’s name number is a 6, the number of the humanitarian.  The name number indicates what he is most inclined to effect in his public life. The 6 is a leader — a leader for fairness and justice for all. That philosophy would be a strong element in all his dealings, but there’s more to Mr. Cook than that, obviously. 


His name from birth offers that he is a “Dharmic Soul,” which, in numerology, is a soul who returns to this plane to one day help the many, as opposed to the few, in some humanitarian way. It appears he has found his “mission.” 


Also, Cook would not have been chosen by Steve Jobs to replace him as the CEO of Apple if he didn’t have some of his the same qualities. In that regard, Cook’s  “destiny number,” which is a 1, is the same as Jobs. That means that Cook shares the same original, entrepreneurial, and innovative proclivities. There are other aspects to Cook’s and Jobs’ charts that show he could also be as formidable a CEO as Jobs, but he is now applying some of those attributes to pioneer a project that hopefully can change the lives of thousands, if not millions, of girls and women around the world.


In a previous newsletter I had written about Malala in which I expressed how ironic it was that her tragic attack was carried out on October 9, 2014, the anniversary of John Lennon’s birthday.  It is also fascinating that Malala has the same destiny number as Mother Teresa which is the 9, the number of the “universal humanitarian.” Malala’s name number, which is the 1, is the same number as Jobs’ and Cooks’ destiny numbers, Both of those numbers give her the same powerful leadership abilities, courage, stamina and follow-through resolve that will be called for to affect this wonderful project. 


I have often offered in my past newsletters that the 21st century is the “Women’s Millennium.” I envision the combination of Cook and Malala as building a symbolic Ark for the millions of young girls all over the world who might never gain an education without these two individuals at the helm.  They are steering “the Women’s Millennium Ark” toward the future with more and more young women taking positions of leadership and authority, through their educations and natural nurturing qualities, to save the earth from the devastation that is currently being imposed upon it and to impact a multitude of human quality-of-life issues.


I couldn’t find a funding site for this project, but I’m sure there will be an announcement for it in the not-too-far future.  I can “see” through my numerological lens, that the next 2 years will be difficult for both Cook and Malala. Cook is going to be “working his buns off” like never before through 2019, and Malala’s chart shows that she will have accomplished something that brings her even greater recognition and honor by 2021.  Malala is currently a student at Oxford University, so her plate is filled to the brim at this time, too.


Gracious and giving projects like this are necessary in times like these to help raise our consciousness to a higher level. Needless to say, Tim Cook and Malala Yousafzai deserve our appreciation and support for taking on this incredibly daunting, yet enormously rousing and stimulating, project.

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