25 Nov 2018

I’ve spent hours analyzing the November 6th election results and came to the conclusion that the easiest thing I could write about was my analysis of the birth dates of those women who were recently elected to office in the House of Representatives.

As you are all likely aware, there was a “flood of women” who threw their hat into the proverbial House of Representative’s ring, which ended up not only giving the Democrats a majority hold on the House, but also represented the largest influx of federal female legislators in our country’s history.

I decided to analyze winners (both Democrats and Republicans) by their days of birth [the 1st, 5th, 16th, etc., which I call the “Personality” number] and the full addition of their birth dates [which offers their “destiny numbers”] to see how many women who won had more of the “female-oriented” numbers [2, 4, 6, 8, 11]. These are the numbers that put greater emphasis on helping, serving and nurturing humankind, as opposed to the “male-oriented” numbers [1, 3, 5, 7, 9] which are generally associated with action and enhancing things that advance mankind to higher levels of dominion. Any of the numbers can go either way, but the dominant mission of the “female-oriented” numbers is that of nurturing over supremacy. The 9 and 11, because of their primary spiritual mission, can fluctuate back and forth, but ultimately tend to follow their higher calling.

My analysis of the women both elected and re-elected, which totaled 130, showed that the highest counts for the day-of-birth numbers were 3 [with 23], 4 [with 19], 6 [with 18], and 8 [with 13] totaling 73, which is more than one-half of the women who won their elections. The following are brief interpretations of these personality numbers:

THE PERSONALITY NUMBER: This influence defines someone’s true self – the self that is exhibited when you are in your most comfortable environment.

The “3” personality gives the individual eloquence, charm, and a pleasing nature which is a great asset in political corridors. They also have a strong interest in the sciences, a definite love of the arts, and will work to bring attention and endowments to them. The 3 also gives them an ability to make everyone in their environment feel included and valued.

The “4” personality tends to present a more direct and emphatic persona. She/he must express their truth regardless of how it may fall on opposing ears. The 4, being a female-oriented number, cares greatly about helping and serving others and can easily take up causes that call for inordinate and concentrative efforts for their cause. They are dedicated and loyal to their constituents, as well as great debaters.

The “6” personality is the quintessential nurturing person. Whether a woman or man, these people have a heart for “the many” and they tend to be especially concerned with helping those who have the most difficulty attaining the help and services they need. Their concern for fairness and justice is a prominent passion and they can be quite self-righteous in these areas.

The “8” personality is the “Chairman of the Board.” These women can effectively and efficiently run a country, if so inclined. They are confident, competent, dignified, honorable, organized and resourceful. They hold their ingrained principles above all else and usually bring a progressive quality to everything they do. Their executive abilities are unparalleled, and their integrity and judiciousness are their greatest strengths. These women are exemplars and will likely bring positive changes to the House (and Senate) by their leadership.

THE DESTINY NUMBER: This is the most powerful influence of all. It is the compelling force within someone that gives a sense of focus and direction. It offers with whom, and what, where, and how someone will manifest their life.

The Destiny Numbers that were most prevalent in the women who won the election in 2018 were the 4 [with 23], 7 [with 21] and 8 [15].

The 4 destiny gives this individual a yearning to help others through their work, in one way or another. The political arena is certainly a perfect fit to render and fulfill this need. These people tend to be forthright, honest, extremely dedicated, loyal and dependable. When they are committed to a job or cause, they will extend themselves beyond the call of duty. They are like the Rock of Gibraltar – steady, firm, reliable, and self-confident, and they never deny a request that is associated with their commitment no matter how arduous or time-consuming it may be. Microsoft’s Bill Gates is a good example of this steadfast and philanthropic number vibration.

The 7 destiny gives one uncommon dignity and grace, especially in the public. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a good example of this destiny number. This number delivers genius and a perfectionist nature that can be incomparable. These people would desire to be in the political arena to bring forth their concepts of how to make the world a better place. They are deep thinkers and possess a unique and unconventional approach that can bring about extraordinary changes in any area on which they are focused.

The 8 destiny is tailor-made for the political field. It is the number of money, power, and fame, but it is also one of the “nurturing” numbers. Most born with this destiny number have a gnawing need to help and serve mankind. They are born capable of handling the high office they seek and, once committed, cannot let anyone down for any reason in relation to their work and commitment, and that includes themselves. They are the most earnest, efficient, persevering, and prudent of all the numbers. General Douglas MacArthur, who was born on an 8 day with an 8 destiny, is a great example of the capabilities of an 8-destiny person.

Basically, there is approximately a 50/50 ratio of the female-oriented numbers to the male-oriented numbers in this compilation. In my not-so-humble opinion, I believe a balanced ratio whenever decisions are being made for the general public is a good thing. Of course, males have the female-oriented numbers, too, just as women have male-oriented numbers, so it would appear that we are trending toward balance not only in gender, but also in numerological influences that broaden the perspective and hopefully the wisdom of our governance.

One day, perhaps sooner than later (like 2020, if another “flood of women” run for and win public offices) the ratio of actual males to females will be as balanced in Congress as the numbers influencing our newest members of the house.

It has been frequently repeated in recent years that we are in a time when the frequency of energy represented by the female gender is being reinvigorated for the betterment of not only our country, but the world and our planet. This numerological examination suggests we are making good progress toward that destiny.

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