28 Nov 2017

After Mariah Carey canceled her last tour, I decided to check out her numerological chart and found that 1) she is feeling unappreciated, 2) she could have some depression, and 3) between her ages of 44 through to 52 (she is currently 47), she is being “spiritually tested,” which ostensibly means she needs to check her own actions and reactions to find solutions to her health and mental problems.  Her divorce from Nick Cannon was only a year ago on November 2nd, and her relationship with Australian businessman James Packer ended on October 20th of this year, so she hasn’t been experiencing the best partnership circumstances.

Mariah’s chart indicates that she will be going through some personal angst for the next 2-3 years and after her birthday in 2020 it appears that she will become much more involved in caring for her children or doing something that takes her outside of herself as the focus. However, in 2023 she will make a comeback like never before which continues for 10 years. No one can keep Mariah down, including Mariah. 

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