24 Aug 2018

ARETHA LOUISE FRANKLIN, born March 25, 1942, had an 8 Destiny, which is the highest “nurturing” symbol in numerology. The 8-vibration not only gave Aretha her magnificent and superlative musical abilities, but also a lust for cooking, and grand cooking at that! Smokey Robinson, who was her friend from childhood, recently commented on a talk show that Aretha was the best cook he had ever known. That’s because whatever an 8-oriented person decides to do, they bring good taste and quality to whatever they create. Martha Stewart, who also has an 8 destiny, is a good example in the cooking realm.

The outstanding traits of someone with an 8 in a prominent position in their birthdate, i.e., the day on which they were born, or the full addition of their birthdate, have a greater ability than any of the other number vibrations to rise to their highest calling. Many with the prominent 8 are considered “exemplars” – setting the example for others to emulate, the teacher of teachers, and/or Class Acts. Aretha certainly lived up to those qualities, and more.

Aretha shares her 8-destiny with a few other supreme notables in the music world, namely Smokey Robinson, Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Nicks, as well as superlative contributors in other fields: Paul Newman, Laurence Olivier, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Kelly, Jonas Salk, Alan Shepard, Mickey Mantle, Jane Fonda, Diane Sawyer, Richard Gere, Sandra Bullock, and Denecio Del Toro, to name only a few.

Those with a prominent 8 in their chart can also be known as control freaks, but that’s mainly because they cannot or will no do anything but superlative work – and they cannot let anyone down, including themselves, the latter being what takes them to the great heights they are destined to achieve, if they are so inspired.


Tennis phenom SERENA WILLIAMS‘birthdate also has the 8 in a prominent position. She was born on the 26th(2+6 =8) of September. She shares her athletic 8-ness with several other exemplary athletes, as follows: her sister Venus Williams who was born on June 17th (1+7=8), 1980, Roger Federer (born 8-8-1981 = 8), Usain Bolt (born 8-21-1986 = 53/8), QB Tom Brady (born 8-3-1977 = 35/8), Muhammed Ali (born 1-17/8, 1942), and Wayne Gretzky (born 1-26/8-1961). Each of these individuals were and/or are superlative in their athletic endeavors and are listed in Google as the best of all the rest


These two individuals were born in the same month, on the same day, nine years apart, which gave them the same “destiny” number. 

Tiger’s birthday is December 30, 1975 (12+30+1975 = 64 and 6+4 = 10 and 1+0 = 1)

LeBron’s birthday is December 30, 1984 (12+30+1984 = 64 and 6+4 = 10 and 1+0 = 1)

The number 1 is the number vibration that indicates that anyone possessing this as a “destiny” number will not even get in a game, be it a board game, video game or ANY game, unless they believe they can win. The skills they develop to ensure they will win whenever they complete render them definite major contenders for the winners’ circle. However, unlike 8s who generally can roll with the punches if they don’t win, those with 1s are much less forgiving of themselves if they lose, so they make sure they have chosen a sure-fire route to winning before they will even throw their hat in the ring. And when they do, they are definitely IN IT TO WIN IT! This is mainly because they cannot tolerate losing. Losing is their primary nemesis. Every loss for Tiger or LeBron stays firmly bound in their memory banks which, from a positive standpoint, inevitably spurs them on to greater and greater heights, which both Tiger and LeBron have achieved. 

Tiger is making a comeback, but the losses he has to experience while getting there will lie heavily in his memory. Hopefully he has learned to manage his mental angst so that he can make the comeback he has the capability of achieving. He is the only reason I ever watched the game of golf, and I’m finding myself checking Google to see if he’s in a winning mode or still on somewhat shaky ground. Go Tiger!

LeBron is obviously not going to retire until he has achieved his greatest win of all, which may happen by his joining the LAKERS. However, those born with a 1 destiny, like LeBron, have a hard time following the dictates of others – even coaches. LeBron will likely give NBA fans much in the way of entertainment but whether his prowess will help the LAKERS pull off a win over the WARRIORS is something else. My prediction is that the Warriors will win the playoffs in 2019. Go WARRIORS! 

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