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30 Minute Reading

All readings are conducted via phone

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This reading is for returning clients only. Get your numerological “tune-up” and receive guidance on current life events, as well as numerological influences for you this year, month, and time of life. Book now for clarity and help with the numbers affecting your life right now!

60 Minute Reading

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Sally provides astonishing insights, structured information, and practical guidance. You will feel reassured, hopeful, and more in control of your personal and professional growth.

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$200 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours. Travel time fee required for parties being held outside of San Francisco.

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Whether planning an intimate dinner party or large corporate gathering, your event is sure to benefit from Sally’s spot on numerological guidance and witty delivery.


Sally has deep passion for her work; it absolutely thrills her to do it and she is really good at it.  Her readings are layered, insightful and accurate.  As a person, she is fiercely intelligent, curious, and caring.  When she told me about my past, her accuracy melted any skepticism I  had, and several things she told me about my future have already…

Sally is an exceptional numerologist!  It's clear that this is exactly what she was put on this earth to do.   She's truly a lover of people and the numbers that determine personality traits, events and phases in their lives.  Her reading was extremely accurate, even the part where I would get married a year ago to the man I'd waited half my…

I have been getting readings from Sally for several years. I have also purchased gift readings for others. She is truly gifted, and it always feels like she is channeling divine guidance in addition to her true mastery of numerology. I always come away with a sense of clarity and higher perspective about my life. I highly recommend her personal reading services as…

Sally has been a catalyst agent to all the positive changes in my life. She is not only good at what she does, but also very caring and wise. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed!

Sally's sensitivity, accuracy and professionalism make her a first rate numerologist.  I have had many readings myself and purchased readings for friends as gifts.  I always gain insight to my life after receiving a reading from Sally.  Not only does she just talk to you, Sally has recommended books, DVDs and websites to help me understand and be more open to receive the…

I have known Sally through my sister for about 18 years.  My first reading was right before my husband and I adopted our daughter.  My husband and I  were going through infertility treatments and I wasn't sure if this was the direction for my family.  She talked about my past and how it effects my future.  Sally suggested that I should be open…

Sally is very knowledgeable, honest and professional.  She exceeded all my expectations.  I highly recommend her  to anyone who wants to learn more about  numerology.  Her analysis was right on the spot and very detailed.

Wow....are all the readings fixed or what?....I was really excited after reading all the reviews on yelp and made an appointment. I have never had a reading with an numerologist before so I was looking forward to it.I think this is the first time I felt more confused and depressed after having a reading done. She kept telling me things that had already…

Sally is simply amazing. I love her and all the kind words of wisdom she has to offer. My family and I have been going to her for years now. I have sent many many friends to her and they absolutely adore her. I also purchased gift certificates for friends here and they call me up afterwords and say they had no idea…

After the reading with Sally, I listened to the recording twice in the evening.  It is such a pleasure to listen to the conversation as it is clear, detailed, accurate and filled with positive energy.  I wish that my mind was quick enough so I didn't miss SSally's leads at certain points of the reading.  Sally is graceful and professional and these qualities…

Sally meets all aspects to deserve my five stars.  Sally is very eloquent in her readings yet able to walk the fine line of being diplomatic while candid.  She has the knowledge and the ability to interpret the material with much relevancy across time, culture and environment.     Besides the psychic aspect, I've learned a great deal from Sally's wisdom, and this…

Almost 3 years ago I spoke to sallie, she said by age 25 I would be married with children. I'm 26 now and reunited with my current boyfriend last year. Fate brought us together when we least expected it. A friend of mine, eric, invited him over to my apartment (unaware of the fact we knew each other)  i almost didnt agree to…

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