23 Mar 2018

As almost everyone in the western world is aware, Stephen Hawking (born: January 8, 1942) died on March 13, 2018, a day before Einstein’s birthday.  I mention this because Hawking recently expressed that a young American woman, Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, who has a PhD in High Energy Physics from MIT and was born: June 3, 1993, is, in his opinion, the “NEW” EINSTEIN.  Such a grand compliment from such a grand master!

Hawking’s statement made me quite curious to determine, from a numerological standpoint, if there were any commonalities in the charts of Einstein and Pasterski. Lo and behold! I found aspects that will forever change my way of viewing and expressing the Name Numbers in a numerological chart.

My “Grand Slam” finding was that Pasterski’s Name Numbers were IDENTICAL to Einstein’s.  And, the fact that Hawking was able to see a parallel to Einstein in what Pasterski is delivering professionally at her very young age gives me a greater understanding that, from a mystical science standpoint, the Name Numbers offer much more about an individual’s capabilities and capacity to manifest what they came to achieve in this lifetime than I had previously given them.

Here is a brief definition of what those common numbers for Einstein and Pasterski are and what their influence is:

Albert Einstein’s name reduces to the number 9. This is called “The Character Number.”  The vowels in his name, which express his “Soul’s Urge,” reduce to the number 11, and the consonants in his name, referred to as the “Inner Self,” reduce to the number 7. Pasterski’s chart shows the EXACT SAME NUMBERS, IN THOSE EXACT SAME POSITIONS!

The “CHARACTER NUMBER 9” (derived from adding together all the numbers applied to the name from birth and reducing them to a single digit): 

The “Character Number” is the most influential of the name numbers. It is the number that an individual will defer to in every aspect of his social and outside-of-the home life.  Having the 9 as this main influence would have given Einstein (and Pasterski) a pleasing, genial, and conciliatory social presence. This particular name number is the sign of a very old, advanced soul, and one who could readily access the vast amount of knowledge he/she carries with them in their Akashic record (the records that are carried into each lifetime). 

The “SOUL URGE NUMBER 11”(derived from adding together all the numbers associated with the vowels in the name from birth and reducing them to a single digit, except when it is a double-digit “Master Number”):

The Soul Urge is basically just that – the urge of the soul in this lifetime – and the Einstein/Pasterski “soul urge” is the 11. The 11 is the highest number on the spiritual plane because it is like having two VERY highly-tuned antennas sticking out of the top of one’s head which can readily connect with extra-dimensional realms (which is where all devotees of meditation traverse).  It is my opinion that this “soul urge” has enabled Einstein and Pasterski to bypass the staid scientific dictates of the Third Dimension by readily empowering them to meander about in the higher realms (dimensions) and deliver to us ordinary folks their brilliant, other-worldly knowledge.

The “HIDDEN AGENDA NUMBER 7” (derived from adding together all the numbers applied to the consonants in the name from birth and reducing them to a single digit or “master number”): 

This is an influence that is not as front and center as the other number vibrations, but it is the “hidden” objective or capability of a soul’s essence in this lifetime. This number for Einstein/Pasterski is number 7, which briefly represents easily accessing innate wisdom and genius, much like the 9 and the 11.  In fact, the 11, 7 and 9, as a combination in those positions, is an absolute sign of someone who could even be perceived as other-worldly on this plane, which we have learned is an apt description of Einstein’s basic nature.

The “BIRTH MONTH NUMBERS”: Einstein’s and Pasterski’s “BIRTHDAY NUMBERS” are also comparable. Both Einstein and Pasterski were born in months that indicate a very strong “mother” presence in their childhoods, which has been documented in their bios. The March child (Einstein) many times has a special position in the delineation of siblings, first or last, or is an only child, and has a natural (perhaps past life) affinity to the mother.

Paterski was born in June, which usually endows the child with an inordinate sense of responsibility to the mother in childhood.  That sometimes lasts far into adulthood for many who are born in the 6 month.

The “BIRTH-DAY NUMBERS”: Einstein was born on the 14th and Pasterski on the 3rd.  Both of those day-number vibrations can be utilized by the individual possessing them in a computer-like fashion, especially if the child is inclined to be more linear than right-brain oriented.  Many scientists have prominent influences of the 3s and 5s, but when lived in the right-brain mode, a person with these numbers would tend to move more toward the arts and social activities over desiring to scrutinize and conjure up scientific theorems.  In Einstein’s case and perhaps in Pasterski’s, we wee an individual who is able to apply their excellent logical capabilities creatively and perhaps even artistically.

The “DESTINY NUMBERS” (derived from adding together all the numbers in the birthdate and reducing them down to a single digit or “Master Number”:

Einstein’s “destiny number” is a 33/6 and Pasterski’s is a 22/4, and both are “master numbers.” What that means is that both of these individuals came into this lifetime to do more than most people would ever fathom.  But, even if those Destiny Number were not “Master Numbers,” the single-digit numbers that are derived from them – the 6 and the 4 — would have that kind of nature regardless.  Both influences would find themselves going the extra mile and giving more than they are asked to give, and loving every minute of it, regardless of whether it was a menial task or making the latest discovery in High Energy Science.    

There are several ways that Einstein’s 33/6 Destiny is manifest. One would be representative of a person who would likely enjoy researching and analyzing everything under the sun. Obviously, Einstein would have fallen in that mode. Another manifestation of this 33/6 Destiny is that of being nurturing and caring, sometimes to extremes because 6s have difficulty saying “No” to anyone, and enjoying working in fields and for causes that help people and things that need help the most, like children, animals, and the earth.  Six-destiny people are the most responsible, reliable, dedicated, conscientious people alive. They consciously cannot let anyone down, including themselves.  Einstein put all of those qualities to work for him in the scientific world.

Pasterski’s 22/4 destiny number is very comparable to the 33/6 destiny.  She would take every commitment very seriously and never, if at all possible, drop the ball, so to speak. Candid, conscientious, determined, disciplined, exacting, organized, principled, resolute and self-possessed are only the tip of her proclivities and personality qualities. As mentioned above, Pasterski has the elevation of a Ph.D. from MIT, but, regardless of how many degrees she might possess or awards and gains she may achieve in her future, because of her 22/4 destiny, she would likely always be a down-to-earth workaholic, who loves what she does so much that she would want to do it all the time and forever. In other words, when people with 22/4 destinies find their niche, they would rather be working at that passion than anything else in life.

In closing, I would like to add that Einstein was a known spiritualist and very comfortable with the task of marrying scientific discovery to spirituality in a manner that brings the notion of consciousness, that it currently lacks, into the real world of ”concreteness.” Perhaps Pasterski will follow in his footsteps in this regard and advance the work of scientists like Einstein, Hawking, and others who so ably married their scientific discoveries with humanitarian and spiritual concepts. Who knows – maybe Pasterski will be the individual who definitely provides the science and data that reveal the creative force that animates all that is! 

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