16 Dec 2017

The date a couple is married is like a birth.  I always analyze it as if it were a child being born on that date and what that child’s personality would exhibit.  The following is what this royal couple’s marriage date portends:

The 5th month of the year is associated with the number 5, which attracts a marriage union of those who are energetic and active, have style savvy with a flair for the unconventional, and who bring together an eclectic collection of friends and family members. Theirs will be a wedding that combines creative and memorable concepts designed to make their special day interesting and entertaining for all those present.

The marriage “day” is the 19th and in numerology, that number would be reduced to a 1.  The following are the positives of that day number:

A “One marriage day” denotes a coupling of strong, independent, individualistic people. Both parties in this pairing will have their own style, comfort zone, and convictions, as opposed to one being in deference to the other. Ambitious, determined, self-reliant, and loaded with leadership abilities, this couple would stand out in their community as self-reliant citizens and leaders.

Every date has an “attitude” when related to people.  Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s marriage “attitude” is a 6 and the following offers what that holds for their compatibility throughout their marriage: This is the most loving, caring and responsible of all the “attitudes.”  These people love their home, being parents, nurturing animals and all things of the earth.  They are good neighbors and community citizens. Even though their children, animals, and family members received their priority attention, they also enjoy helping with charitable events and causes they believe in – especially humanitarian causes. They have strong principles and values and sometimes it is difficult for them to understand why others don’t acclimate to their fair and just ways. As giving as they are, they often forget to turn that giving nature onto themselves for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Finally, the “destiny number” of their marriage is an 8, a most auspicious destiny number indeed, and very appropriate for this coupling: The number 8 makes this a money-making marriage! This duo will work toward obtaining and gaining the things that are most important to them from a materialistic, artistic, and philosophical standpoint. They will be upstanding citizens who may be honored in their community for their contributions for the good of many.  As an exemplary duo, they are dignified, disciplined, enterprising, and progressive. As parents, they will be principled and pragmatic, inspiring self-confidence and responsibility in their children, along with leadership abilities.

This is a winning marriage date if ever there were one and it is so interesting that it just happens to be the one of this Royal Couple!

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