19 Aug 2019
What Do “Phenoms” Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Kyle Giersdorf Have In Common?
Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975 and his destiny number is the 1.
LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984 and his destiny number is the 1. 
Kyle Giersdorf (the 16 year-old gamer who just won $3,000,000 at the Fortnite World Cup) was born on December 30, 2002, and his destiny number is also a 1.
The commonalities in these three “phenoms,” from a numerological standpoint, are as follows:
1) Having been born in December gave each of them a good start in life because more than generally the child born in the 12 month is treated as a special child in their family, usually by being the first, the last, or the only child. Both Tiger and LeBron were only children. I wasn’t able to learn much about Kyle’s family, so that remains to be known, but I would say he’s likely going to be treated pretty specially because of his youthful accomplishment!!  
2) Being born on the 30th is another good fortune element they all possess. The 30 is known as the number of “CELEBRATION” and each of these ace performers have had ample cause to do that. The 30 is known for endowing them with good fortune, originality, leadership skills, discipline and dedication, among other things
3) Each has a 1 destiny number (“destiny” meaning what they focus on to create their destiny), and all three would tend to have the qualities associated with that number in order to do what they have accomplished. The 1 destiny is called the path of the risk-taker, the entrepreneur (Steve Jobs also had a 1 destiny), and the wholly independent trailblazer. Each one has gravitated to the “high side” of this number by becoming experts in their sport.  
One more “phenom” who is likely to rise before our eyes in the near future, who was born on December 30, 1993, and who also has a 1 destiny is Justin Dior Combs. He is the son of Sean Combs. Young Combs is currently a football defensive back at Iona Prep. Expect to hear more about this young man’s football feats.
Another birthdate trilogy that has always intrigued to me is that of O. J. Simpson, Tom Hanks, and Jimmy Smits. All three were born on July 9, and although each of their years was different, all their birthdates reduced to the number 1.  
The 7 month child many times feels as though they were found under a cabbage leaf because some tend not to identify with their other family members. Not sure that is the case with any of these guys.
Being born on the 9th day of the month indicates a very strong, self-confident personality. These guys could have been somewhat difficult for their parents when growing up but they had a combo of numbers that helped them to make it to the top as well. And that they did!
With this birthdate, in particular, and especially because each birthdate reduces to the number 1, I must add that all the numbers have their positive AND negative sides. All of the individuals in this category have resonated to the “high side” of their numbers professionally. However, O. J. Simpson is an example of an individual who applied his 1 destiny negatively in his personal life. Of course, Tiger Woods’ personal life has also had its challenges. It remains to be seen whether Tiger can eventually use his 1 destiny positively in all arenas of his life as he continues to vie for another winning streak. He has some challenging numbers ahead, so it will be interesting to see how he handles these tests — which are intended to raise him to a higher level, consciously, as a human being.
The 1 is known, on the negative side, as that of the “control freak”, one who can’t let go of grudges, and will usually take revengeful actions in response. And the 9, on its low side, is known as the “Mt. Vesuvius” temper number. Those who have the 9 in a prevalent position in their numerological chart and who become very angry or enraged may blow like a volcano spewing their “anger ashes” hither and yon if they are expressing a more negative 9 energy. Not everyone rises to the high side of their numbers. 
I could have gone on and one with these match-ups but these examples are enough to make it intriguing. Understand that all of the numbers in the different birthdates would carry in them the same personality traits as the person with whom they are being matched. And yet, with some of these pairings you may be tempted to say, “No way could these two people be alike!” Sometimes it’s quite hard to see the likenesses – especially with those who where born in different eras and for whom we do not have much information except that which makes them famous. Numerology tells us, however, that they are more alike than we might suspect!
Doris Day (April 3, 1922) and Alec Baldwin (April 3, 1958);
Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928) and David Blaine (April 4, 1973);
Jim Carrey (January 17, 1962 and Al Capone (January 17, 1899);
Susan B. Anthony (January 15, 1820) and Chris Farley (January 15, 1964);
Rod Stewart (January 10, 1945 and Jared Kushner, January 10, 1981); 
Tom Cruise (July 3, 1962) and Julian Assange (July 3, 1971);
Sylvester Stallone (July 6, 1946) and George W. Bush (July 6, 1946);
Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1969) and Amelia Earhart (July 24, 1897);
Meryl Streep (June 22, 1949) and Elizabeth Warren (June 22, 1949);
Elon Musk (June 28, 1971) and Mel Brooks (June 28, 1926); 
Johnny Depp (June 9, 1963) and Natalie Portman (June 9, 1981);
Donald Trump (June 14, 1946) and Che Guevara (June 14, 1928); 
Angelina Julie (June 4, 1975) and Russell Brand (June 4, 1975); 
Tina Fey (May 18, 1970) and George Strait (May 18, 1952); 
Jack Nicholson (April 22, 1937) and Machine Gun Kelly (April 22, 1990);
Jessica Alba (April 28, 1981) and Saddam Hussein (April 28, 1937); 
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