16 Jan 2020


In The Now
PRINCE HARRY: Prince Harry’s numerological chart shows that he has been distressed for some time, having the number 18/9 [can denote depression or ill health] that has influenced his life from age 28 through to age 35. Interestingly, he is turning 36 on his next birthday, and the influence that comes in at that time, and stays in for a 9-year period, is the number 25 [the 25 indicates changes in residence, trials, and success after difficulties]. Because the #25 influence starts at age 36, it may take a few months to rearrange their lives, but there are other numbers that show that all will turn out well for them.
PRINCESS MEGHAN: Ms. Meghan’s chart has the number 13/4 from age 32 to 41. She is currently 38. The #13 in that position indicates “the death of the old and beginning of the new.” Casting off all that was before and beginning anew, in a transformative manner. That certainly occurred in a big way when she married Prince Harry, and since that #13 stays in until she is 41, I would say that the birth of Archie and this current transition are part of what is needed for her to fulfill that transformation. From age 36 until she is 45, she has the number 30 in an influential position and that is the number of “bounty and good fortune.” In another position in her chart, which offers how she handles all the shifts and changes going on in her life, she has the 29/11 which is one of the strongest spiritual test numbers. So it appears that she asked to be transformed spiritually as well as physically during this period of her life and we all get to watch that take place on the world stage!  
Harry and Meghan are truly Soul Mates. In fact, they score 3 points below Level 8 (the highest level in my app, Cosmic Mates, which is available in the Apple App Store. That means they are exceptionally well suited to one another. Prince Harry has a 1 destiny and a 6 personality, and Princess Meghan has a 4 destiny and a 4 personality. Those are some of the highest scoring numbers for compatibility in the app. The 1 and 4 as their destiny numbers are the classic “renegade” numbers. As I have expressed before, the 1, 4 and 7 are what I call the “renegade” numbers having any one of those 3 numbers as a ” destiny number”(which both Prince Harry and Princess Meghan do) makes it most difficult for either of them to march to the mainstream drumbeat. They are people who “think out of the box.” Prince William and Princess Catherine, on the other hand, have the 11 and 3, respectively, as their destiny numbers, giving them very protocol–oriented dispositions, along with charm and guile. So, in my opinion, they were unquestionably chosen for the positions they hold in the royal court. Harry’s and Meghan’s numbers, not so much.
Harry and Meghan also have identical symbols in the science associated with playing cards (they are both born under the 9 of Clubs which is the symbol of Universal knowledge), endowing them with revelations about life and “universal truths” and enforcing in them the need to help and serve others “universally,” as opposed to one local. 
In addition to the above, this is a most auspicious year for both Meghan and Harry. Meghan is in a 6 personal year, which usually indicates moves and love matches – the latter being undoubtedly Little Archie! Harry is in a personal 9 year, which usually brings a significant ending to what has gone before over the past 8 years, and a move to Canada would certainly fulfill that prophecy. Both of their charts show numbers that will bode them well for many years to come. 
It is of particular interest to me that these cosmic mates are showing up so prominently right now in our collective consciences and right when I am announcing the publication of my latest book “You Are Your Best Soul Mate”. What stands out in the charts of both Prince Harry and Princess Meghan is that they each have numbers that signify they know who they are as individuals and more often than not, are living to their highest potential. They bring this “self-love” to bear in their relationship and in the public arena as well.  
To have your best possible life, it is so very important to love yourself. Numerology can provide very helpful guidance in this regard, along with the spiritual tenets I have learned over the past many years. “You Are Your Best Soul Mate” offers those kinds of helpful insights. It has recently been published by Balboa Press and is available via the Hay House catalogue and on  
“You Are Your Best Soul Mate; Learn to Respect Yourself by The Numbers in Your Life” is a relatively short, easy read and below are some key objectives of the book: 
1. To familiarize you with how higher consciousness can help you to help yourself;
2. To explain what the Ego-Self and Soulful-Self are and the ways those factors affect your life and happiness.  
3. To clarify why it is best to “stay in the now.”
4. To learn more about why self-love and forgiveness are such important qualities to use to help you be your best self. 
5. To learn the most positive aspects of the primary numbers in your life, so you can better understand and embrace the gifts you brought with you and to maximize your innate qualities in all aspects of your life.
In summary, Prince Harry and Meghan are wonderful examples of two people who embrace who they are as individuals . As a couple, they are now turning their attention to what they both need individually, and as a couple. They are trailblazing a future life that is independent of cultural or social expectations. Please join me in wishing them well!!

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