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Nov 2018
I’ve spent hours analyzing the November 6th election results and came to the conclusion that the easiest thing I could write about was my analysis of the birth dates of those women who were recently elected to office in the House of Representatives. As you are all likely aware, there was a “flood of women” who threw their hat into ...


Oct 2018
What will be the outcome for the local, state, and national elections on November 6th? My analysis of the numbers for the USA in this year on that date indicates that there will be a positive outcome, but for which faction of our divided country?  That is quite difficult to determine and I must say that I am aware that ...


Oct 2018
AN ANALYSIS OF DONALD JOHN TRUMP’S NUMEROLOGICAL CHART shows that problematical circumstances began for him in 2013 and will continue forward until 2030. Curious about 2013, I found an article online about the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, written by Jon Swaine in New York and Shaun Walker in Moscow, commenting on Donald Trump’s attempts to get close to Putin ...


Jul 2018
A friend and client of mine, Khelly Webb, who is the founder and principal of Center for Healing Life in Long Beach, CA (and a wonderfully beautiful & proud American Indian), offered me an idea I couldn’t resist. Khelly wondered if Donald Trump might be the reincarnation of King Henry VIII.  She pointed out that Trump has the same hair color ...


Apr 2018
THE FATEFUL NUMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH THE KENNEDY FAMILY 6, 7, 9, 11, 22   In numerology, the number 7, as a "personality" number (the number of the day of one's birth) is offered the auspicious definition of "one who tends to have easier access to their genius". It is a number of one who tends to be a perfectionist, loves to ...


Jan 2018
Retired Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was born on June 14, 1932, which means 1) he was born in the same month, on the same day as, guess who!?!, Donald Trump! AND, 2) although the news intimated that he would be throwing his proverbial hat in the political ring, he also just turned EIGHTY-FIVE!!! Excuse me!  I mean, do we need ...


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