22 Nov 2019
1. JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN, JR. His name (the social self) reduces to the 9, which is the number of the “Universal Humanitarian,” but it has also been described as “the politician’s number,” primarily, I assume, because those with a 9 character are very charismatic, charming, caring and convincing. Because Biden is the forerunner of all the candidates at this time, it appears he is making good use of his 9. He also has a very conciliatory personality (he’s born on the 20th [the peacemaker) and he has an 11 Destiny (his motivator – which BTW 8 other presidents have had as their destiny number), the number of high intuition, compassion, understanding, and inspired guidance. His chart shows that he has winning numbers. Time will tell.
2. ELIZABETH ANN HERRING (WARREN). Her name reduces to the 7, the number of “the genius,” and her personality number is the 22, a Master Number in numerology, associated with one who is a visionary, and would tend to be energetic, constructive, humanitarian, and influential. Her Destiny number is the 6, associated with one who “goes the extra mile” with whatever endeavor or challenge she accepts, also known as the number of the humanitarian and the dutiful seeker of fairness and justice. Her chart gives her the 37/1 starting in 2020 and that number stays in the same place for the next 8 years. It is the number of vigilance, influence and achievement. 
3. KAMALA DEVI HARRIS. Her Character (name) number is the 8, the number of the CEO, the Producer/Director, the Teacher of Teachers, and the Class Act. She is born on the 20th, so her personality is much like Biden’s, as the peacemaker and arbitrator. Her Destiny number (the personal motivator) is a 6 like Elizabeth Warren. Her chart shows she will make a very good showing because of her willingness to put others before her own needs and steadfast desire to make a difference. 
4. BERNARD SANDERS. His name number is the 7, like Elizabeth Warren’s. So he’s also packing around some high order cares, concepts and concerns, as is quite obvious from his impassioned speeches. He was born on the 8th, which is comparable to Ms. Harris’ Character number, but it is his “behind the scenes” personality. His Destiny number is a 5 – his motivator – and the 5 is known as the number of enthusiasm, energy, and emancipation, which appears to be his focus. His chart shows that regardless of whether he is elected or not, he will continue his crusade into his 90s.
5. PETER PAUL MONTGOMERY BETTIGIEG. His name number is the 1 – that of the leader, innovator, instigator, and originality. He was born on the 19th, which means that he can be more like “a dog with a bone” than anyone in this grouping. He will not give up his quest for anyone or anything – he lives it inside and out. And, to add to that intense and potent combination, he has the number 22 as his Destiny number, which is the number of a workaholic, but also one who is a visionary who is wholly conscientious, dedicated, persevering, and resolute. It’s no wonder he’s in the top 5 of all the other Democratic contenders. His chart shows that, although he is putting his very best intentions out there, and because he is definitely not a “good loser,” he will have a period in his near future that will give him the impetus to strategize his next ingenious conception that will enable him to make a grand slam comeback in his late 40s and early 50s.
6. COREY ANTHONY BOOKER. His name number is the 4. This number offers that he would tend to be very forthright – even finding it difficult NOT to say things that might put others at odds with his opinion. He must speak his truth. However, he was born on the 27th, which reduces to a 9, which is the “politician’s” number. In general, he is a potential winner because he possesses a very appealing persona that wins him friends and can influence many. His Destiny number is the same as Biden’s – the 11. This is a Master Number, and it is one that puts the onus on helping, giving, caring and counseling. Because it’s also considered a “giver” number, I would say that Mr. Booker is likely to be authentically caring and concerned with whatever he has chosen as his political agenda, and he would do everything possible to bring about beneficial and conciliatory results. His chart shows that he may achieve some of his greatest hopes, and that someway, in the next 2 years, his name will be well known.
7. ROBERT FRANCIS O’ROURKE (BETO). Mr. O’Rourke’s name number is the 8, the attributes of which, in that same position, are the same as Kamala Harris. It is a number of one who can’t let anyone down if he has “signed on the line” to serve in any capacity for helping others. He was born on the 26th, which also reduces to an 8, thereby giving “Beto” the mission, inside and out, to help and serve others in one capacity or another, and to do his best to never falter in that purview. His Destiny number is the 9, which gives him an additional impetus to serve and give to the masses. The 9 is known as “the one who must sacrifice his own needs for the sake of the masses.” That’s not to say that everyone with a 9 Destiny grasps that mission and advocates for others, but it certainly appears to be the path for Beto O’Rourke. His chart shows that his name will become better known after 2020, comparable to Corey Booker’s chart – hummm?
8. AMY JEAN KLOBUCHAR. Ms. Klobuchar’s name number is the 7 – the analytical, bookish, broad-minded, cerebral intuit. Okay, so she’s also a genius, like Ms. Warren.☺ She is born on the 25th which reduces to a 7 (2+5=7) and makes her doubly someone who can think out of the “patriarchal box”, make her own decisions, and walk her own walk. In her case, though, her personality is one that I would immediately label as “a renegade,” because her Destiny (motivator) number is the 1. The 1, 4, and 7 are the “renegade” numbers – simply meaning that she walks exclusively to her very own drumbeat, and can bring about incredible and ingenious ways to do whatever she is most interested in doing or achieving. She is what Nobel Prize winners are made of. She is someone who will never be convinced that what she perceives and conceives is not right, regardless of what her opposition might say. Her motto is “I’m in it to win it,” and she is definitely willing and able to hang in when the going gets tough. In fact, her chart shows that in 2020, she will be given some kind of positive acknowledgment for her efforts, which will take her into the next 8 years doing what she does best – making changes that work for the many as opposed to the few.
9. JULIAN CASTRO. Mr. Castro’s name number is an 8, like Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke. (see description above). He was born on the 16th, which is comparable to Ms. Klobuchar’s “personality” number – the 25/7. The 16 reduces to a 7, so he comes to the table with some genius too (as do the whole lot of these candidates or they wouldn’t have made it this far). His Destiny number is the 1, so he has two qualities that are comparable to his co-running mate Ms. Klobuchar. He could be a force to contend with, too, but his congenial, principled Character number 8, will take some of the edge off his indubitable will to win. His chart shows that regardless of whether he wins the Democratic nomination or not, he will be serving conscientiously and diligently for many years to come in whatever capacity he finds himself. 
10. TULSI GABBARD. Ms. Gabbard also has an 8 as her name number. It’s no surprise that 4 out of 10 of these candidates have an 8 as their “social self.” It is a number, when it represents a person, of self-confidence, courage, leadership, and stamina. Ms. Gabbard was born on the 12th, which is often expressed in numerology as the number of “one who must sacrifice their own needs for the sake of others.” She’s certainly in the right career for that calling. Her Destiny (Motivator) is also an 8, so she has a double whammy of conscientiousness, competence, good judgment, integrity, and leadership abilities. Her chart shows that starting in 2020 and lasting for 8 years hence, her presence will be known and she will continue to make a contribution to the betterment of humankind.
11. ANDREW YANG. Mr. Yang’s name number is a 4. Comparable to Mr. Booker, he “may be” very honest, upfront and forthright in his presentation. To solidify that personality prop, he was also born on the 13th, which reduces to a 4, and gives him a double influence of the 4’s determination, conventionality, practicality, persevering, and candid qualities. However, I wrote above that he “may be” very honest and forthright because he also has a 9 as his Destiny number (the motivator) and 9s do not like to put all their cards on the table. They can be, in fact, very smooth and calculating by affecting a nature that seems to please everyone. The 9 is the number of the politician, and because Mr. Yang has it in the most powerful position for his personality, I would say that everything he delivers may not be what he wants to say, but rather conforms to what he thinks his constituency would like to hear. I believe, however, that his heart and mind are in the right place, because the 4 is a number of a giver and one who especially wants to help those who can’t help themselves as well as others. Also, some of the greatest humanitarian leaders have had 9 destinies, like Mother Teresa and Gandhi, so I don’t want to make an unfair analysis of Mr. Yang, because he could ultimately be one who makes a very big difference in the lives of the many, for the positive. His chart shows that he is on a firm and steady path that will continue for many years into his future.  
12. MARIANNE DEBORAH WILLIAMSON. I know most everyone would want to learn what makes Ms. Williamson tick. Well, I think I may know. First of all, she is revered in spiritual enclaves. That speaks well of her for my personal reasons. Her name number is a 3, which is what I call the “Chatty Cathy” number (would you believe I have that same name number??!! ☺). That means that she has the ability to be very eloquent, enthusiastic, engaging, and exhilarating for others. And I’m sure that her fans have found her to be so on this political stage. She was born on an 8 day, so she would be one whose true, behind-the-scenes, self would want very much to nurture and help others to the best of her ability. The 8 is the highest “feminine” vibration and therefore emanates nurturing qualities. It seems to me that she is on a quest to bring greater focus to the stage of the populace at this time for presenting ways and means, for all who are willing to listen, to care for and love one another through higher consciousness. She may be just the beginning of more and more individuals, with comparable aspirations, who will throw their hat in the political ring to bring greater attention to things that really matter for our human existence, like saving the earth, for instance, and other causes that threaten our very existence. Ms. Williamson has a 5 destiny, which gives her energy to burn, so you will likely see much more of her even after the elections have come and gone. The 5 is that of the “freedom fighter” and I’m sure she has some motivations to that end. 
The CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, to see if there might be a change in his chart that could bring about a major change in our gun control laws. Fortunately, there are signs that after his birthday (November 8) in 2020, and starting around February-March of 2021, his chart shows that there will be changes that would be unexpected for him that will change his life path in a significant way for many years into his future. My conclusion is that the House and the Senate will also have some big changes coming after the 2020 elections – which primarily have to do with who wins the presidency.
I also ran the chart of Lt. Col. Oliver North, who resigned as the President of the NRA in April of 2019, but I would suspect he is still a card-carrying member. His birthday is October 7, 1943, and it shows the same influences as LaPierre’s chart at the same time for quite a few years into his future. I ran the charts of 4 others who are strong advocates of the NRA and found that all of them had numbers in 2021 that were comparable to LaPierre’s and North’s charts.
Ergo, it appears there’s a strong possibility that one of the following Presidential hopefuls will win in 2020 and therefore there will then be fast and swift changes for the better associated with what is likely the most important issue in our country at this time. – – gun control.

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