19 Oct 2018

AN ANALYSIS OF DONALD JOHN TRUMP’S NUMEROLOGICAL CHART shows that problematical circumstances began for him in 2013 and will continue forward until 2030.

Curious about 2013, I found an article online about the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, written by Jon Swaine in New York and Shaun Walker in Moscow, commenting on Donald Trump’s attempts to get close to Putin at that time. The following is an excerpt of that article

“Sitting in a makeshift studio overlooking the Moscow river on a crisp day in November 2013, Donald Trump pouted, stared down the lens of a television camera and said something he would come to regret.

Asked by an interviewer whether he had a relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin, the brash New York businessman could not resist boasting. “I do have a relationship with him,” Trump said.

Russia’s strongman had “done a very brilliant job”, Trump told MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, before declaring that Putin had bested Barack Obama. “He’s done an amazing job – he’s put himself really at the forefront of the world as a leader in a short period of time.”

Four years later, he is struggling to shake off the hangover.”

Whether this article is precisely accurate or not, this suggests that his experience in Russia in 2013 may have set in motion not only current issues related to that country but more to follow. From 2014 through 2019, he has the number 28/1 in his chart in his yearly forecast.  This number, in that position, signifies that he has been and will continue to be in a state of flux or instability throughout those years, never knowing what’s coming next while trying to maintain a masterful stance. 2018 is an especially difficult year for him, judging from the fact that he has the 28/1 for the entire year, combined with other difficult numbers for shorter periods throughout this year. 

Following his birthday, June 14, 2018 to February of 2019, his numbers indicate that he may feel as though he is packing a heavy cross to bear. Considering this period extends after the November 2018 elections, it might have to do with a big “Blue” wave therein.

After that period, from February to June, 2019, he has a number that indicates endings, which can be positive or negative depending on what has preceded or follows that date. Mostly, it appears as though he may feel some relief from the aforementioned stress, but other of his numbers at that time show that he will likely experience some loneliness and do his best to maintain a stance of secrecy. This period will also likely be emotionally difficult for him, too.

 Following his birthday on June 14, 2019, he will likely be tweeting quite a bit because he has a number that indicates that he may be taking issue with many people, topics, and circumstances (this didn’t really need to be in the prediction).  Much of this angst may have to do with his marriage, as the symbols that denote “trouble on the home front” are also present. 

After his birthday in 2021 and 2022, he has a bit of a reprieve for 2 years . . . . before the storm.  The storm hits him in 2023 and continues on for most of the rest of his life.  After age 84, there are again some numbers that indicate some liberation or release from woes and angst, but there are still a few lessons in his life path that show up even into his late 80s and early 90s.

 When one lives the high life, as Donald Trump tends to do, the lows are sometimes more difficult because it may seem that more is at stake. However, from a mystical science perspective, all lessons and difficulties take place to help us with our personal growth and/or evolution and are independent of our socioeconomic, earthly status. There are always spiritual “gifts” that are bestowed upon us for every hardship or travesty we encounter in life . . . IF we are willing and able to look for them once the debris of each lesson has been cleared away.  Donald Trump’s chart shows that he has had many opportunities to “grow” and “evolve” since his youth, and perhaps the signs of more difficulties to come in his chart going forward will bring him to a newfound, higher consciousness. As always, time will tell.

ROBERT MUELLER was born on August 7, 1944.  Mueller’s name reduces to the master number 77. Master numbers are bestowed on those whose mission is to give more because more is expected of them. The 77 is a master number associated with wisdom, power, dignity, and prosperity. He is also born on the 7th, a number associated with genius, reserve, competency, rigor, and patience.

 His destiny number (life path) is another master number, 33.  The 33 is associated with honorable service, compassion, deep understanding, and selfless giving with no thought of return. From all accounts offered by those who know him, he is definitely walking his destined path in this life. 

Starting in 2017 through 2018, he has the 46/1, which is his yearly influence for both of those years.  The 46/1 can indicate that he feels he stands alone, with no one to confide in or ask for counsel. That attribute is also common for someone who resonates to the number 77 and has a 7 birthday, as the 7 is associated with one who is wholly secretive and confidential in all matters, and especially in his personal life.

 There is another influence present in Mueller’s chart, which influences the 4 months following his birthday on August 7tt of this year. That number influence is the 29/11.  The 29/11 indicates that he would likely be feeling some stress and perhaps some emotion over what he is encountering throughout that period.  From December 7, 2018 to April 7, 2019, he has the number 26/8.  That is a number of working harder and longer than he wants to work, but being conscientious and responsible to his duties at hand.  It is the number of “never giving up until the job is done.” 

 From April 7, 2019 to his birthday on August 7, 2019, he has the number 27/9, which is the same number Donald Trump has in his chart during that same period.  As expressed above, it means an ending of something, which can be positive or negative, depending on what has precipitated the ending.

 Mueller’s numbers are relaxed and complacent after his birthday in 2019, going forward for 2 to 3 years.  It appears he may take a sabbatical for a couple years, and then come back full steam in 2022, working and graciously serving for many years into his future.

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