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Apr 2018
THE FATEFUL NUMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH THE KENNEDY FAMILY 6, 7, 9, 11, 22   In numerology, the number 7, as a "personality" number (the number of the day of one's birth) is offered the auspicious definition of "one who tends to have easier access to their genius". It is a number of one who tends to be a perfectionist, loves to ...


Jan 2018
Retired Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was born on June 14, 1932, which means 1) he was born in the same month, on the same day as, guess who!?!, Donald Trump! AND, 2) although the news intimated that he would be throwing his proverbial hat in the political ring, he also just turned EIGHTY-FIVE!!! Excuse me!  I mean, do we need ...


Oct 2017
On October 14, 2017, (born Sarah Martina Broome =38/11), birthdate June 5, 1984 = 33/6, became the first woman Mayor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Her destiny number, 33/6, is called the “Christ-like” number.  In other words, she has a cross to bear, which she has the strength and stamina to manage, regardless of what that might be. The 33/6 also indicates ...


Mar 2017
The following is a brief numerological take on the Trump kids.   Donald Trump, Jr. (born 12/31/1977):  DT, Jr.'s name number is a 6. That number denotes his social/public self and he would therefore be very responsible and accommodating to whatever is expected of him in the public forum. He is born on a 4 day (the 31st) and has ...


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