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Mar 2017
The following is a brief numerological take on the Trump kids.   Donald Trump, Jr. (born 12/31/1977):  DT, Jr.'s name number is a 6. That number denotes his social/public self and he would therefore be very responsible and accommodating to whatever is expected of him in the public forum. He is born on a 4 day (the 31st) and has ...


Mar 2017
I recently read an article about Billionaires and their wives and thought it would be interesting to see how well Billionaires fare when choosing a wife. (The numbers in parenthesis are those associated with the individual.) The following are 14 of those billionaire couples:    Donald Trump (Trump enterprises) June 14, 1946 = 4 Melina Trump April 26, 1970 = ...


Dec 2016
The 2000s are said to be the time when feminine consciousness will rise in favor of the fear-based patriarchal consciousness. This will occur for both men and women. We will be experiencing, over the next four years, many of the reasons the fear-based consciousness doesn't work for the betterment of mankind, and that's likely exactly what we need in order ...


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