12 Jan 2019
Numerologically, the year 2019 has entered a 3 “universal” year: 2+0+1+9 = 12 and 1+2 = 3
The compound 12 derived from 2019 is as significant as the single digit 3 as a strong factor in this New Year. The 12 is often described as “one who sacrifices one’s own needs for the sake of others.” In that respect, one could speculate that there could be a shift in all humans around the world this year to be more thoughtful and caring of those who struggle to live a decent and comfortable life. That would be my hope for the New Year.
Reducing that 12 down to the number 3 (as shown above) can portend celebrations of one kind or another taking place throughout this year. In that regard, after analyzing a multitude of charts of those involved in our present political coalition, it appears there could be some unexpected good fortune that may transpire in the United States between the months of March and July. These same influences show up in many of my clients’ charts, as well.
And, from a more universal standpoint, perhaps many changes begin to occur around the world that will help to quell climate warming and other impending catastrophic calamities that may be currently approaching a perilous or treacherous position. 
The high aspects of the number 3 vibration are associated with embracing the arts and other forms of communication, from media, publications, and literature to the theater and fine arts. It is a number that offers the qualities of good taste, creativity, hospitality, optimism, cultivated leanings, and a spirited mien. Since Mother Earth is a living organism, hopefully, the inhabitants of this planet will have reason to experience the manifestation of these positive attributes on behalf of or by our planet throughout this New Year.
The lower aspects of the number 3 vibration include irresponsibility, greed, and wastefulness. Unfortunately, there is a plentiful amount of those destructive and malefic aspects that plague this beautiful planet at this time. I’m hopeful that the many, as opposed to the few, will rise to an enlightened state during this year and bring forth the positive attributes of the number 3.
January 2019 is a “4-month.” The number 4’s positive attributes revolve around administrative work, budgeting, forming partnerships, getting organized, being economy-minded, pragmatism, honesty, dedication and competence. Negatively expressed it can trigger arguments, immobility, intolerance, impracticality, and pig-headedness. From all outward appearances, it seems that at the present time our governing bodies are sadly affecting the latter
February 2019 is a “5-month.” The number 5 ushers in CHANGE. Positively, it can demonstrate dynamism, abundant energy, enthusiasm, productivity, progressiveness, resourcefulness, and versatility. Adversely, it fosters rashness, hysteria, superficiality, thoughtlessness, unaccountability, unpredictability, and, for some, apathy. 
March 2019 is a “6-month.” The number 6 imbues this nation and the world, in the positive, with altruism, compassion, generosity, graciousness, humanitarianism, fairness, and justice, among other attributes. Negatively expressed, the 6 vibration can bring about anxiety, discontent, obstruction, and officiousness.
April 2019 is a “7-month.” The number 7 inspires unique and unusual events and circumstances. Positively affected, it offers the possibility that the nation and the world might embrace a more enlightened connection to everything and everyone on this planet. This is the most mystical number of all, and can imbue an “out-of-the-box” essence that enhances intuition, peacefulness, and wisdom. Negatively experienced, it can cause antisocialism, disparity, deviousness, inflexibility, obstruction, and basically wary, worrisome, and wily environs.
May 2019 is an “8-month.” The number 8 represents the month when the “fruits are borne for all manner of things manifested in the 7 months prior.” Positively, the qualities of the 8 inspire leadership, courage, far-sightedness, honorability, industriousness, and respectability. Negatively experienced it can bring about abuse of power, avariciousness, fanaticism, dishonesty and apathy.
ASIDE: My research indicates that this month could bring about some closure to the Muller investigation/legal proceedings.
June 2019 is a “9-month.” The number 9, positively expressed, imparts benevolence, charity, compassion, generosity, civility, selflessness, and humility. Negatively, it can proffer deception, dogmatism, superficiality, inflexibility, and vindictiveness.
ASIDE: I predict that the Muller investigations will come to an end in June, with some tidying up in July. This is Donald Trump’s birthday month, and he moves into a 5 personal year which, as expressed above, implies change, and many times MAJOR CHANGE.
July 2019 is a “1-month.” The number 1 ushers in new beginnings. Its qualities include boldness, attaining goals, determination, progressiveness, leadership, and innovation. Negatively, it can bring about greed, rigidity, immobility, militancy, and selfish attitudes.
ASIDE: This is the United States birthday month, and it moves into a 5 personal year, same as Donald Trump does in June. It’s a 3 year universally and a 5 year for the USA (possibility bringing about MAJOR CHANGE). So Donald Trump and the USA will definitely have some interesting and intriguing circumstances occurring during June and July if the numbers play out as predicted
August 2019 is a “2/11-month.” The 2 suggests cordiality, harmony, cooperation, patience, and peace. If experienced as the 11, it will elevate the Gregorian calendar world to a higher state of enlightenment, truth, and justice for the suffering. Negatively expressed, the 2 can beget faultfinding, unsupportiveness, and indifference. The 11, on the low side, can also bring about hysteria, fanaticism, and intolerance.
September 2019 is a “3-month.” The 3-month is comparable to the 3 year. It is a number of celebration and doing things that bring forth feelings of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude. Most all cultures around the world view the number 3 is a good fortune omen, and hopefully, by September 2019, we will all have good reason to celebrate and feel grateful for what has occurred over the first 8 months of this 3 year. 
October is another “4-Month.” See January 2019 above for the definitions. November is another “5-Month.” See February 2019 above for the definitions. December is another “6-Month.” See March 2019 above for the definitions.
SYNOPSIS: Considering my on-going research and analysis of the charts of most of the main-players in Washington, D.C., I predict that there will be some major changes in our country’s governance between the months of March and July. I predicted this in an earlier newsletter and now the time has come to watch it unfold. A great majority of the charts I have analyzed show major challenges starting in 2019 and going forward into 2020. The charts representing the opposing side of those with the challenges show positive changes.
Your “personal” year is found by adding the number of your month of birth to the number of your day of birth and reducing it to a single digit. Then add that digit to the “universal” year, which is a 3. PLEASE NOTE: Your “personal year” is based on when you arrived on the earth plane – in other words – your “Birth Day.” So, your “personal” year STARTS on your birthday and continues to your birthday in the next year. It does not start in January by the Gregorian calendar (unless you were born on January). If you
EXAMPLE: If you were born on May 25th, based on that date you would be in a personal 5 year until your next birthday, when you would then go into a personal 6 year. You would find by adding 5 (May) + 2+5 (25th) which equals 12 which reduces to a 3, and then add that 2 which was the “universal year of 2017, because you are still influenced by that year’s number. So 3 plus 2 = 5, and after your birthday in 2019, you would add that number 3 to this year’s “universal year” 3, and you will be in a 6 personal year. You can use the definitions above that correlate to your personal months to determine which attributes you might experience more often throughout 2019. 

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