“Don’t count the days; make the days count.” 
Mohammad Ali is my first example of “The Greatest” because he called himself “The Greatest of All Time,” and his “numbers” are exemplary of that.
Ali’s name from birth was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. and the name on the birth certificate offers the most accurate information regarding the numbers predictive of his life. 
The Name Number is called the “Character Number.” The Character number offers how one presents him/herself in the public and socially. Cassius Marcellus Clay reduces to the number 3. I call that number the “Chatty Cathy” number, more accurately described in Ali’s case as the “Chatty Champion,” which was definitely his public persona. 
The 3 also gifted his verbosity with eloquence. His intriguing boastfulness was clearly charismatic. This not only endeared him to many but it was his poetic use of words that brought forth crowds to witness what he might say next. That quality gave him a major public boost worldwide.
The next important factor for making Ali “The Greatest of All Time” was the number 17, the day on which he was born. The 17 is said to have the “Star of the Magi” hanging over anyone blessed with that number, no matter where it falls in their numerology delineation. As Ali’s “personality” number, it gave him the persona of an exemplar, one who sets the example for others in their primary endeavor. The number 17 is also associated with one who is a producer/director, another quality he seemingly possessed (primarily referring to his own “show” in the boxing ring), and “the teacher of teachers,” because much of what he expressed was inspiring, if not intriguing, to many, far and wide.  
 “I should be a postage stamp.
 That’s the only way I’ll ever be licked.”
The third, and most important numerological factor was Ali’s “Destiny” number, which is found by adding all the numbers in the birthdate and reducing them to a single digit. Ali was born on January 17, 1942 and his Destiny Number was the 7 (here’s the math: 1 (January) + 1+7 (day) + 1+9+4+2 = 25 and 2+ 5 = 7). The “Destiny” portends what one is drawn to with respect to a career, the friends they collect, and the surroundings that offer them the most comfort and motivation. The Destiny Number is the primary motivator in anyone’s life. 
The 7 is known as the number of the “Genius” because it’s the number associated with individuals who tend to be wholly and resolutely dedicated to whatever path in life that inspires them the most. When they find that path, they are filled with a passion and focus that is as if there’s nothing else in the world that could satisfy them. Many Nobel Prize winners have a 7 “personality” or “destiny” number, especially those in the sciences and arts. Most who possess the 7 eventually win the prize they seek.
“The state controlling a woman would
mean denying her full autonomy and full equality”
The second “Greatest” is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ms. Ginsburg’s name from birth was Joan Ruth Bader. That name reduces to the number 56, which reduces to an 11 (5 + 6 = 11). The 11 is a “Master Number” and it is not reduced to the 2. Having that number has her “Character” offers Ms. Ginsburg the capabilities of being malleable, congenial, conciliatory, and highly intuitive. She has the ability to “intuit” the motivations of her opposition, as well as her friends and family members. She is “high tuned” and can assuage the most calamitous situations amicably, with aplomb. The 11 also offers her a discerning perception beyond the norm, and the foresight of a visionary.
Her “personality” number (day of birth) is 15, which gives her an independent, freedom-oriented nature, with strong humanitarian proclivities, as well as being a lover of home, family and her community. She is someone who is willing to sacrifice her own needs for those closest to her and for the causes she supports. 
“If you want to be a true professional,
do something outside yourself.
Her Destiny number is the 7, which is the same as Mohammed Ali’s. She is therefore also driven by passion and purpose, and she is audacious, courageous, and fearless, and she will prevail, as has been witnessed by many over her long and enduring career. And even though she has had major health setbacks, her numerological chart shows some steadfast progress in that regard, through to age 90 and beyond! Yes!
“Let your heart feel for the afflictions and
distress of everyone, and let your hand
give in proportion to your purse.”
Although many moons have come and gone since President Washington was the President, his “numbers” played such a significant role in enabling him to stand against the most powerful nation in the world at the time, that I felt he deserves to be acknowledged.  
“Liberty, when it begins to take root,
is a plant of rapid growth.”
George Washington was a political leader, military general, statesman, and a Founding Father of America. His “Character” number was the number 7. The 7, in that position, would have found him “keeping his cards close to his chest” with regard to his negotiations and public presentations. In other words, he was likely a very private man, who watched, observed and used his highly developed intuitive skills to his benefit. He also should be acknowledged for his ability to “think out of the box,” which is evident by his actions and each of his primary numbers.
His “personality” number was the 22. The 22 is the number of one who is achievement oriented, masterly, enlightened, humane, resourceful and a visionary. President Washington would also likely have been stalwart and wholly dedicated to whatever commitment he made, adding the qualities of ingenuity, organization, and productivity to his cache of qualities. 
“I cannot tell a lie”
“Truth will ultimately prevail where pain is taken
to bring it to the light.”
President Washington’s Destiny number was the 1. Those with the 1 in this position are the most original, pioneering, and innovative of all. This powerful destiny enabled him to forge his way into the winner’s circle in whatever endeavor he felt worthy of his time and effort. He would have had a mind like a steel trap for subject matter that interested him, and when he made the decision to engage in a sport or the emancipation of America, he would have been “in it to win it.” Essentially, he became an indestructible power and force that enabled him to take down the English forces. This is something that has never been duplicated because of the way that particular “win” occurred. His battle is one that should instill admiration and respect from everyone who takes the time to learn about the trials, limitations, and adversities he endured to win the battle for America’s freedom.
You might note that the three numbers that comprise President Washington’s numerological composition were the 1, 22(4) and 7. Those are the numbers I have labeled as “the renegade numbers.” They create a composition in anyone, (even if they have only one or two of those numbers) of being incapable of walking to the “minion drumbeat.” They are people who stretch themselves beyond what is offered or presented to them in any arena. 
America is comprised of millions with those same numbers. The Tech World, especially, was initiated in part by Larry Ellison (Oracle) with his 7 Destiny; Bill Gates (Microsoft) with his 22/4 Destiny, and Steven Jobs (Apple) with his 1 Destiny.
America is the “renegade” of all countries on this earth. It has set the precedent for most of what is new and innovative around the world, and it is comprised of immigrants who likely all had one or more of those three numbers that instilled in them the desire to forge something better than what they were being offered in their own countries. It is no accident that such immigrants chose to come to America! 
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