25 Mar 2017
The following is a brief numerological take on the Trump kids.
Donald Trump, Jr. (born 12/31/1977):  DT, Jr.’s name number is a 6. That number denotes his social/public self and he would therefore be very responsible and accommodating to whatever is expected of him in the public forum. He is born on a 4 day (the 31st) and has a 4 destiny. Trump, Sr. also has a 4 destiny. The 4 is a good number for entrepreneurs because they tend to be reliable, dependable, dedicated, conscientious, committed, and workaholics.  The downside is that they can be brazenly blunt, non-conformists, have a decided dislike to follow others’ rules and dictates, and usually avoid being involved in any structured or formal societal group or clubs that might harness their wholly independent nature. They could be considered friendly loners who prefer their work over anything else. DT, Jr. would have those qualities doubly. He would tend to be a faithful husband and a dedicated parent. It would seem appropriate, because of the above attributes and proclivities, that he was chosen to run the family empire in Donald, Sr.’s absence.
Ivanka Trump (born on 10/31/1981): Ivanka’s name number (the public persona) is a 3 which gives her eloquence and panache. She is also born on a 4 day, like Donald, Jr., and her destiny number is 6. The qualities of the 6 as a destiny number would tend toward being a humanitarian and caring especially for those who can’t help themselves as well as others. Her charitable affiliations are listed as Aids LIFE, Children’s Aid Society, Habitat for Humanity, United Cerebral Palsy, and Walkabout Foundation, so it appears she decidedly involves herself with humanitarian causes. The negative traits of the 6 are those of being self-righteousness, martyrdom, and finding it impossible to see another’s point of view when it doesn’t concur with their own. Regarding Ivanka becoming President Trump’s go-to person with an office in the West Wing, this can be a plus because 6s are ardent supporters of their family members, and have a great desire to help and serve.  AND, If her father will listen to her thoughtful and responsible logic, she may be a catalyst to help him think twice before he runs off the rails with his tweets, etc. Time will tell.
Eric Trump (born: 1/6/1984): Eric’s name number is 8 and he, therefore, would be inclined to follow protocol to a tee. As has been apparent when he has been in the spotlight, he is dignified and gracious. He is born on a 6 day, the attributes of which are comparable to Ivanka’s destiny number, applied more to his home, family, and private life than the public. Still he would be responsible and gentlemanly either place. He has a 29/11 destiny. The 29/11 gives Eric a (sometimes) super-sensitive nature, and he would tend to resist any kind of confrontation or conflict because those with 11 destinies are known as the “ambassador” types – – diplomats and peacemakers. Obama, Clinton, and Reagan all had 11 destinies. The negative side of the 29/11 is that he could be too sensitive, a vacillator (wanting to keep the peace for both sides), and a bit too emotional to deal with stressful circumstances and situations.  His chart shows that he feels a need to “watch his back” at this time in his life and interestingly that influence stays in until his birthday in January of 2020. 
Tiffany Trump (Born 10/13/1993): Tiffany’s name number is the 6 and she would, therefore, fall in line with her older two half-brothers and half-sister, all of whom possess responsible, considerate, socially adept public personas.  Tiffany is also born on a 4 day, like her half-sister Ivanka and half-brother Donald, Jr. Tiffany has a 9 destiny number and this indicates that she would love the limelight, although it appears that she is being kept in the background by the “powers that be” at this time. She would greatly enjoy the social life, be somewhat of a “people-pleaser” at this age, but develop very strong opinions and values as she matures and she would likely choose to follow her father’s political choices. The number 9 influence, being strong in both in her public life and behind the scenes, would definitely help her to be socially graceful, compliant, and someone who would never want to bring any negative media coverage to her family or herself. This year and next year will be difficult for her, but she gains some recognition and/or monetary bonus when she is 25 and 26. Things change for her significantly in 2020 (when she turns 27), in a less favorable way, and for quite a few years thereafter, as appears to be the case for her siblings and father, as well.
Barron Trump  (born: March 20, 2006):  Barron’s name number is the 1, which indicates that he will one day likely be a leader in some fashion or another. The social 1 personality is independent, individualistic, leader-oriented, and a bit of a maverick. Barron is born on the 20th, which is comparable to the 29th destiny of his half-brother Eric. The 20 as the “personality” number would make this little guy sensitive and contained, as well as a diplomat and peacemaker – good qualities to possess, for sure. He also has a 4 destiny like his father and his half-brother Donald, Jr.  He will likely follow in his father’s footsteps in business, but offer a more charming and appealing persona to those who get to know him well, because of the number 20. His chart shows that he will fare better than his siblings in the aftermath of his father’s reign as President of the USA. His mother’s chart has comparable positive numbers, so perhaps staying out of the fray is the key to those positive influences.

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