A collection of articles on numerology forecasts and wisdom
Jan 2020
NUMEROLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF THIS YEAR   From a numerological perspective, 2020 is going to be a very revolutionary year, especially for women. Until July 4th, 2020, the United States remains in a 5 personal year – a year of major change. From viewing the numerological charts of almost everyone with a title in our government, I would say that we are ...


Jan 2019
Numerologically, the year 2019 has entered a 3 “universal” year: 2+0+1+9 = 12 and 1+2 = 3   The compound 12 derived from 2019 is as significant as the single digit 3 as a strong factor in this New Year. The 12 is often described as “one who sacrifices one's own needs for the sake of others.” In that respect, one could speculate that ...


Aug 2018
ON THE 4th OF JULY, 2018, WE CELEBRATED AMERICA’S 242nd BIRTHDAY This 4th of July ushered in the USA’s numerological 4 year, which begins on July 4th and ends on July 3, 2019. The 4 is associated with practicality and stability. Past mistakes must be squared up and concerted effort put forth to avoid new problems. It’s a time to ...


Dec 2016
The 2000s are said to be the time when feminine consciousness will rise in favor of the fear-based patriarchal consciousness. This will occur for both men and women. We will be experiencing, over the next four years, many of the reasons the fear-based consciousness doesn't work for the betterment of mankind, and that's likely exactly what we need in order ...



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