06 Jul 2018

This man, unconsciously, created a personal kind of suicide for himself and there were some interesting items I found in my research about him from the mystical sciences that astounded me because of their apropos accounts of things occurring for him this year and the next:

Weinstein, born on March 19, 1952, has the number 8 as his social/public persona. The high sign of the 8 is called the “Class Act,” which is far afield from what we have learned about him. On the “low side,” the 8 influence gives one the desire to control, scheme, and manipulate others. Seems he was definitely on that side.

His personality number (the day – 19th) is a 1, another number which, on the low side, is all about power and control.

His Destiny number is the 3, which is often described as the Peter Pan number, depicting someone who never wants to grow up. This definition seems to be viable in this case.

Here’s what one of my reference books offers for this year for him (Wherever it refers to “you” or “he,” those words are synonymous with “Weinstein,” just FYI]: With this powerful number of karma and equality present, it is highly likely that you will have to come to terms with some things you have done in the past and make amends. You could have some experiences this year that occur as a result of things that you have been telling others that were either untrue or unjust in their application. For example, someone who has proclaimed to the world about his innocence in a certain situation, but who in fact is guilty, may get caught under this powerful karmic influence. This particular 6 can mean the settlement of old scores and when this is the case the effects of the settlements are equal to how long the misrepresentations have been going on and how many people were affected by them.

Next year, Weinstein has the following influence in a very powerful position:

This year you will likely have one or more of your most important relationships coming to an end. The time has come to let go of these and move on, and yet, it may not be easy to do. You may want these endings and that is a problem for you, or you don’t want them to end and they are ending anyway. Personal attachments may be surfacing that make these endings very difficult. These endings could manifest as a divorce, either personally or professionally. If these endings leave you disappointed in any way, it is likely that you are emotionally attached.

Many times I’m quite surprised when something matches so closely to the circumstances at hand, as these statements did. So, it’s my opinion that “the Cosmos know the truth” and retribution is on its way to Mr. Weinstein.

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