Birthday Luck Greeting Cards

See how numbers matter every day! personality qualities and traits align with birthdays, and each card includes a fortune forecast for that day. Great gift! There are 31 cards -- one for every day of the month -- that offer personality qualities and traits associated with a person born on each day of the month, along with famous people who have the same birthday "day number." They also offer Lucky Numbers and Days, Lucky Day of the Week, lucky colors, gems/stones, and lucky playing cards. The 31-card set also includes a Magic Square that delivers a fortune to the greeting card recipient. These cards can be given for birthdays or on any occasion. They have been used as party favors at soirees, showers, and other friend/family gatherings. This book offers Sally’s unique understanding of number meanings, gathered from decades of studying, working with, and being a practitioner of numerology. $4.00/ea or 10 to 30 cards: $3.00/ea. Over 30 cards or a full set of 31 days: $2.50/ea.
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