My reasons for offering that title came from watching and listening to the 2020 election results and being especially impressed by the story of President-Elect Joe Biden. His life story is very moving, being sprinkled with several tragedies and trials and finally prevailing in his quest for the highest office in America. As if that alone weren’t enough, but it is equally inspiring that a woman has finally ascended to the second highest office in the US. Kamala Harris, the VP Elect, is that woman, with her myriad of personal accomplishments and biracial ethnicity, which spectacularly represent the diversity and greatness of this country.
This has inspired me to share with you a few stories from my life that, like those of President-Elect Biden, speak to the boundless opportunity that exists for all of us who are so lucky to live in the US. Perhaps you will think of your own stories that mirror the opportunities and challenges that we all face in life and the wondrous blessings and opportunities that have resulted when we have stepped up with faith and courage.
I moved to San Francisco in 1964, at age 20, and unlike most, I was not one of those who flocked there to join the hippie movement. Having read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill at age 17, my mission was wholly different than most of my generation at that time. I decided I would head to Montgomery Street, the “Wall Street of the West” and utilize some of what I had learned in Mr. Hill’s book to wend my way up the ladder. I never imagined, however, that I would start and maintain my own business at age 23 and manage that self-employed status from that time to today. I have had a service business, a product development business, and my current counseling service (which evolved from my hobby and greatest passion, numerology). In fact, I feel blessed by having the opportunity of using my passion and knowledge of numerology to help and encourage others. 
And I say ONLY IN AMERICA could a young woman with a minimal amount of college education and no personal social advantages accomplish this. I give much credit to Mr. Napoleon Hill for helping me to maintain a steadfast and determined will to achieve what I set out to do throughout the many ups and downs of my wholly independent life.  
The following is a Napoleon Hill poem that I memorized and would repeat with frequency through my years of cold calls and stumbling blocks. (I have changed words in the poem that referred exclusively to men, because Mr. Hill was writing in a time when women were not expected to be more than a housewife, nurse, or teacher.)
If you think you are beaten, you are,
   If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you’d like to win, but think you can’t,
It is almost certain you won’t.
If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost,
  For out in the world we find,
Success begins with one’s will – 
It’s all in the state of mind.
If you think you’re outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster one,
But soon or late, the one who wins
Is the one WHO THINKS (S)HE CAN!”
I have been privileged in this country, no doubt about that, having been born white. However, I have also experienced discrimination. The first time was 1972 when there was much racial unrest in San Francisco, as well as nationally. My mate at that time was an African American. His nephew was running for Mayor of Oakland and we were invited to his political “kick-off” event. At the event, my mate immediately began engaging with his friends and family members and left me on my own to mingle. As it turned out, I was the only white person at the event and even though I tried my best to communicate and fit in, no one would engage in conversation with me. That continued throughout the evening. However, it was not a negative experience for me. It ultimately helped me to understand and empathize with being left out and unseen, a sense I had never experienced before. That sensation has stayed with me to this day, fortunately filling me with greater compassion and understanding for those who are consistently discriminated against in this country. 
In 1979, during the Iranian Crisis, I had the privilege of connecting with a man from Iran. At that time, I was in my 30s, and wholly unaware of, and uncaring about, anything political or outside of my immediate personal connections to my business and personal friends. I had a vague understanding of the “Iranian Crisis” but it didn’t affect MY life, so I paid it no heed. However, after Mr. Iranian and I became more than friends, I learned things from him that helped me to understand that people all over this world have much the same needs, wants and desires as we have in the US. In fact, my friend said he had always wanted to be an American Astronaut and had desired to come to America since he was a young boy. During the ousting of the Shah, he came to the US to live with his US resident relatives.
I soon met other members of his family and learned how comparable their lives were to my family members. That was an eye-opener for me because of all the rhetoric that had filtered into my mind from the US news about Iranians and their religious beliefs, etc. 
I also had the privilege of meeting and getting to know, first as a client, and later as a friend, a woman from Kuwait. She is a doctor and studied in San Francisco to get her MD. Again, it was an eye-opener to learn about her culture. She and her family members essentially have the same hopes and desires as we have in America although, according to her, America is the country they all aspire to come to or emulate. As a female doctor, she has had struggles being accepted by the male doctors who are her superiors and being a divorced woman with children in Kuwait is treated in more stringent ways than here. Her fortitude and conviction to make things better for her and her children is admirable.
While the US immigration and asylum policies remain fractured I’m hopeful that, in the coming months and years, we will all come together to reimagine the many benefits of our diverse, multicultural country and find our way to a new, 21st century vision for this esteemed “melting pot.”
11:11 — Today’s Date
Every year on November 11th people around the World commemorate the armistice signed between the Allies of World War 1 and Germany. The signing took place during the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. That focus of Humanity’s attention has created a powerful Matrix of Peace that has been building in momentum for over 100 years. November 11th is also a day that Lightworkers around the World acknowledge because of the Celestial 11:11 Gateway that is opened at that time. The 11:11 Gateway provides an influx of Light and a catalyst that allows the I AM Presence of every person to activate the 11:11 code within our DNA.
Finally, I wish you all a safe and wondrous Thanksgiving holiday. Please stay safe and take special care with those you love. While the risk of Covid-19 will no doubt curtail our normal Thanksgiving celebrations, I hope it will be encouraging to you to know that the numbers for Thanksgiving 2020 are exactly what the “Cosmic Doctor” ordered: Adding 11 + 26 + 2020 (2020 being reduced to 40) the compound remainder is the Master Number 77. The 77 has the “personality qualities” of one who is an astute, idealistic champion of freedom and change — especially change that helps to heal the world and mankind. Perhaps all of us in this grand country will be moved to join with one another in that light.


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In The Now
PRINCE HARRY: Prince Harry’s numerological chart shows that he has been distressed for some time, having the number 18/9 [can denote depression or ill health] that has influenced his life from age 28 through to age 35. Interestingly, he is turning 36 on his next birthday, and the influence that comes in at that time, and stays in for a 9-year period, is the number 25 [the 25 indicates changes in residence, trials, and success after difficulties]. Because the #25 influence starts at age 36, it may take a few months to rearrange their lives, but there are other numbers that show that all will turn out well for them.
PRINCESS MEGHAN: Ms. Meghan’s chart has the number 13/4 from age 32 to 41. She is currently 38. The #13 in that position indicates “the death of the old and beginning of the new.” Casting off all that was before and beginning anew, in a transformative manner. That certainly occurred in a big way when she married Prince Harry, and since that #13 stays in until she is 41, I would say that the birth of Archie and this current transition are part of what is needed for her to fulfill that transformation. From age 36 until she is 45, she has the number 30 in an influential position and that is the number of “bounty and good fortune.” In another position in her chart, which offers how she handles all the shifts and changes going on in her life, she has the 29/11 which is one of the strongest spiritual test numbers. So it appears that she asked to be transformed spiritually as well as physically during this period of her life and we all get to watch that take place on the world stage!  
Harry and Meghan are truly Soul Mates. In fact, they score 3 points below Level 8 (the highest level in my app, Cosmic Mates, which is available in the Apple App Store. That means they are exceptionally well suited to one another. Prince Harry has a 1 destiny and a 6 personality, and Princess Meghan has a 4 destiny and a 4 personality. Those are some of the highest scoring numbers for compatibility in the app. The 1 and 4 as their destiny numbers are the classic “renegade” numbers. As I have expressed before, the 1, 4 and 7 are what I call the “renegade” numbers having any one of those 3 numbers as a ” destiny number”(which both Prince Harry and Princess Meghan do) makes it most difficult for either of them to march to the mainstream drumbeat. They are people who “think out of the box.” Prince William and Princess Catherine, on the other hand, have the 11 and 3, respectively, as their destiny numbers, giving them very protocol–oriented dispositions, along with charm and guile. So, in my opinion, they were unquestionably chosen for the positions they hold in the royal court. Harry’s and Meghan’s numbers, not so much.
Harry and Meghan also have identical symbols in the science associated with playing cards (they are both born under the 9 of Clubs which is the symbol of Universal knowledge), endowing them with revelations about life and “universal truths” and enforcing in them the need to help and serve others “universally,” as opposed to one local. 
In addition to the above, this is a most auspicious year for both Meghan and Harry. Meghan is in a 6 personal year, which usually indicates moves and love matches – the latter being undoubtedly Little Archie! Harry is in a personal 9 year, which usually brings a significant ending to what has gone before over the past 8 years, and a move to Canada would certainly fulfill that prophecy. Both of their charts show numbers that will bode them well for many years to come. 
It is of particular interest to me that these cosmic mates are showing up so prominently right now in our collective consciences and right when I am announcing the publication of my latest book “You Are Your Best Soul Mate”. What stands out in the charts of both Prince Harry and Princess Meghan is that they each have numbers that signify they know who they are as individuals and more often than not, are living to their highest potential. They bring this “self-love” to bear in their relationship and in the public arena as well.  
To have your best possible life, it is so very important to love yourself. Numerology can provide very helpful guidance in this regard, along with the spiritual tenets I have learned over the past many years. “You Are Your Best Soul Mate” offers those kinds of helpful insights. It has recently been published by Balboa Press and is available via the Hay House catalogue and on  
“You Are Your Best Soul Mate; Learn to Respect Yourself by The Numbers in Your Life” is a relatively short, easy read and below are some key objectives of the book: 
1. To familiarize you with how higher consciousness can help you to help yourself;
2. To explain what the Ego-Self and Soulful-Self are and the ways those factors affect your life and happiness.  
3. To clarify why it is best to “stay in the now.”
4. To learn more about why self-love and forgiveness are such important qualities to use to help you be your best self. 
5. To learn the most positive aspects of the primary numbers in your life, so you can better understand and embrace the gifts you brought with you and to maximize your innate qualities in all aspects of your life.
In summary, Prince Harry and Meghan are wonderful examples of two people who embrace who they are as individuals . As a couple, they are now turning their attention to what they both need individually, and as a couple. They are trailblazing a future life that is independent of cultural or social expectations. Please join me in wishing them well!!


From a numerological perspective, 2020 is going to be a very revolutionary year, especially for women. Until July 4th, 2020, the United States remains in a 5 personal year – a year of major change. From viewing the numerological charts of almost everyone with a title in our government, I would say that we are truly in store for a very major change. Perhaps we may see a swarm of woman going to the polls in November to affect profound change…we shall see. 
As I have expressed before, this millennial of the 2000s is influenced by a strong female vibration – the number 2. The number 2 is associated with adaptability diplomacy, graciousness, hospitality, patience, prudence, trustworthiness, and tolerance. And 2020 adds an additional 2, which can bring forth a “double whammy” of those qualities. The double 0s are also important from this perspective, because the 0 represents divine guidance, inspiration, and protection. Of course, as with all things, it’s all in one’s state of mind that makes these vibrations positive or negative. Regardless of your biologic gender identity, as you go forth in this exciting New Year, consider the energies of these vibrations in your own life from both a personal and professional perspective. All humans have aspects of the “feminine” and “masculine” in our energy fields and this year is a time when the feminine force in all of us will be playing large!
2020 reduces to the 4 and it is therefore a 4-year universally. The 4, when added to each individual month, brings forth the universal influences affecting each month, as follows:
January: 1 (the month) + 4 (the year) = 5: The 5 brings a shift or change for the better or, less ideally, impatience for change. On the positive side, the 5 is the number of things moving quickly to alter any negative aspects associated with circumstances and situations. Negatively, it can bring about restlessness, dissention, and even riot-like actions from those who are in disharmony with their environs. You may see or wish to see change in your own life or experience it in your own families, communities, or the world at large. Remember to go with the flow…change will be coming so like a surfer on a wave, ride it as best you can.
February: 2 + 4 = 6: The 6 is the number of humanitarianism. Hopefully, there will be many positive actions and reactions for helping those in need during this month, such as creating or setting the stage for more jobs, health benefits, and other life-improving conditions throughout the USA. Negatively, it can be a vibration that amplifies the stern judgments and inhospitable stances of individuals that object to socially progressive programs. Closer to home, you may find opportunities to reach out and improve the lives of your loved ones or work associates. Just know that if this comes up for you, you are in alignment with the overall energy of the month.
March: 3 + 4 = 7: The 7 is associated with all things unique and unusual. It is also correlated with enlightenment, idealism, spirituality, truth seeking, and wisdom. Making use of some or all of those qualities could be helpful to the downtrodden on this planet, especially by understanding that there are more than just us humans that make this world what it is. Human thoughts are powerful, and the more one can think positively, the better off we are. Negatively, the 7 can be experienced by some as circumstance that hinder them personally or cause them to disconnect or disassociate with most of what is occurring around them. These attitudes can bring about cynicism and anti-social behavior, which thereby cause stagnation. As many accept, what occurs is quite likely what is meant to be. Acknowledging that can help you better navigate all future occurrences.
April: 4 + 4 = 8: The 8 is associated with power, fame, and abundance and is the most powerful of the female-oriented numbers. It is the vibrational overseer of courage, dignity, honesty, responsibility, and progress. Despite being considered a feminine number, its energy exists in all genders. Negatively affected it can bring forth abuse of power, avariciousness, restrictions, and uncivilized circumstances. In April, you may see more power plays than usual, either personally or on the national or international stages.  
May: 4 + 5 = 9: The 9 is the number of the “universal humanitarian”. Qualities associated with the 9 are benevolence, compassion, generosity, hospitality, tolerance, and enlightenment. Negatively expressed, those delightful features could be shrouded by bigotry, fearfulness, greed and superficiality. It is easy to imagine any number of ways this energy may express itself. Perhaps on a personal level, compassion comes to the forefront to heal a troubled relationship. Maybe on the national stage some of the polarization and intolerance melts away. We can only hope.   
June: 4 + 6 = 10/1: The number 10/1 is associated with temperance and good fortune. Its vibration possesses all the qualities of the 1, but it is a “gentle 1.” This number also portends “new beginnings,” along with ambition and achievement, originality and perseverance. Therefore, something could occur during the month of June that will signal a change in your personal life, career, USA, or the world, for the better. It certainly makes sense that a month of compassion and healing would be followed by a month of “new beginnings”. Make the most of it!
July: 4 + 7 = 11: July is an 11-month for the nation. The 11, positively expressed, is associated with enlightened guidance and evolution. Negatively expressed, the 11 can cause indecision, skepticism, and unpredictability. The USA’s personal year changes this month to a 6 year from July 2020 to June 2021. The USA, therefore, will be experiencing it’s New Year as a 6, with the July overtone of the 11. The 6, again, is the number of humanitarianism. Adding the high vibration of the evolutionary 11 to that could bring about some radical changes to our country and our society – for the better. Let’s hope and pray that will occur.
August: 4 + 8 = 12/3: The 12 is the number of “sacrificing one’s own needs for the sake of others.” That would be a positive aftermath of what might occur in July – taking up the torch of helping those who suffer in our homes, communities, and around the country and world – as America has been known for doing for many generations past. The 12 reduces to the 3 (1+2 = 3) and that can indicate that something positive can occur in our country and our world. The 3 is a symbol of good fortune in many cultures, and it might be a good thing to hold that idea in stead to hopefully bring forth something special and positive in August. On a national level, hat is the month that the Democrats choose a nominee for the Presidency.
September: 4 + 9 = 13/4: This is a number of transformation and revolution. One can only imagine, considering the Democratic nominee will have been named, what type of transformative energy might be in play for the USA! The USA will be in a 15/6 month (read November below for its interpretation). The 13/4 is a symbol of power, which if wrongly used will bring forth negative circumstances for whoever might be the instigator of same. It may be up to “The Gods” to harness the outcome of this month’s drama, at least from a political standpoint. I make no conjecture on this political outcome. In one of my reference books, the Number 13 suggests the possibility of something unknown or unexpected. If you have been navigating the prior months successfully, you are ready for this month, which can bring about something unexpected that can be applied for your own greater success.
October: 4 + 10 = 14/5: This is a 14/5 for the universe, and a 7 for the USA (7 being the number that brings forth unique and unusual circumstances and situations). The 14/5, on the other hand, is a number that is fortunate for dealings with money, speculation, and changes in ones career, but there is always a strong element of risk attached to it, sometimes owing to the actions and foolhardiness of others. The bottom line is to be diligent, thoughtful, and prudent in October, particularly with respect to anything with financial implications.  
November : 4 + 11 = 15/6: The number 15 is associated with magic and mystery; but as a rule it does not represent the higher side of those elements. Any person(s) represented by it may use every act of magic they can for their aims, even nefarious sources to gain what he or she desires. The 14/5 is also associated with “good talkers” and someone with a strong personal magnetism, qualities that are general associated with politicians.
Since the election is on the 3rd of November, I checked out President Donald Trump’s numbers in relation to that date, and found that he has the 11 as the overtone of that day. The 11 is a high spiritual number and therefore, possibly, it is simply up to the higher source (God for some) whether he remains in office or not. Biden has the number 3 as his overtone for that day, and that is the number of bounty and good fortune . . . but still we don’t know who the nominee will be. Elizabeth Warren has the number 1 as the overtone for that day and that means “new beginnings” for her, so that could go either way. Bernie Sanders has an 8 on that day, and it’s a 5 month for him – the 5 meaning major change and the 8 meaning winning! That would be quite an unusual conclusion, I would speculate. Biden’s good fortune could simply be Trump losing. Warren’s new beginnings could be a democratically controlled senate or the promise of a fed job. At this time, the outcome of this election is anyone’s guess.
December is a 16/7 month. The 16/7: usually brings past actions home to roost, providing a reason to contemplate and reflect on preceding events in order to understand a current outcome. And as stated earlier, the 7 is associated with all things unusual. Whatever happens in December, whether personal, professional, or national, upon reflection, you may be surprised. Hopefully, the surprise will be a delightful gift you receive from under the Christmas tree.
All in all, 2020 is chock full of interesting numerological dynamics and possibilities. Accepting this likelihood can help you to better navigate your own apprehension or discernment to affect the best outcomes for you and those you love. 
Wishing you much joy, health, and success in 2020!


Greta Thunberg Is Courageous and Inspiring
The letters in Greta’s full name from birth (Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg) show that she has come onto this earth as a “Dharmic” soul (a soul with a specific mission). Dharmic souls are here to set an example for others to emulate, whether that is expressed through their career or a cause. WHEREVER THEY ARE AND WHATEVER THEIR FOCUS, THEY WILL LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION ON THOSE IN THEIR PRESENCE. A few other well-known Dharmic souls are President John F. Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Apple’s Tim Cook, Google founder Sergey Brim, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Mahatma Gandhi, Maya Angelou, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Star Athletes Babe Ruth, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, and Tom Brady.
Greta’s destiny number (the full addition of the birthdate) is 9, the number of the Universal Humanitarian. Those with a 9 destiny are considered “old souls.” The 9 is said to contain the qualities of all the other single-digit number, 1 through 8. These “old souls” possess an enlightened, creative, idealistic, philanthropic, and compassionate nature. Mother Teresa had that same destiny number. Greta and Mother Teresa had many commonalities as you will read below.
There are several other outstanding 9-destny individuals who are known for their valiant efforts to help affect profound change on a national or global scale. Dolores Huerta is one who was courageously dedicated to changing the way migrant Mexican farmworkers were treated and paid in America. Another is Gloria Steinem, the initiator, leader, and spokesperson for the feminist movement in the 60’s and 70’s, and champion civil rights and freedom, and Mahatma Gandhi who championed civil rights, pacifism, and national independence. Two others who merit mention in this newsletter as humanitarian heroes who didn’t have 9 destinies, but were born on a 9 day, were John Lennon (born on October 9, 1940) [especially for the lyrics and music to “Imagine.”], and Nelson Mandela (born on July 18/9, 1918), the anti-apartheid and unparalleled political unifier from South Africa. 
Greta was born on the 3rd and Mother Teresa on the 26th. Both of those numbers are usually associated with personalities that adhere to strict codes of ethics and principles when connected with a particular cause or great responsibility.
It is interesting that both Mother Teresa and Greta Thunberg’s recognized their callings at a young age. According to the information in Wikipedia, Greta’s passion for helping to bring attention to the world of global warming began at her ages of 11 and 12. And, by age 12, Mother Teresa also became convinced that she should commit herself to a religious life. 
Greta’s “Purpose Number” which is the purpose of the archetypal self, or her soulful mission, is the 8 – to lead, direct, initiate, and instigate as a leader of something that helps others in some way. Mother Teresa’s “purpose number” was the 1 – the number of the initiator, innovator and/or the pioneer of a way or means that helps the many, as opposed to the few.
Mother Teresa offered many now famous quotes, one of which applies to Greta’s mission as well as hers: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.
And another “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Greta has also delivered a quote that may reflect why she has taken on such a monumental challenge: Her quote, offered by TEDx Talk in Stockholm, in November of 2018, is as follows: “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary. Now is one of those moments.”
More and more people, companies, communities, and countries are waking up to the profound risk associated with extreme climate that has become our new normal. While many have been raising the alarm for the past several decades, Greta has galvanized this conversation and awakening in a manner that is wholly consistent with the power of her numbers. Like Mother Teresa, who elevated the plight of the unseen and ignored poorest of the poor to worldwide prominence, Greta has logarithmically intensified our focus on this very real threat to our very existence on this planet. We are so fortunate to have individuals like this come into our midst to lead humanity on such a wide scale for such profoundly important matters.


1. JOSEPH ROBINETTE BIDEN, JR. His name (the social self) reduces to the 9, which is the number of the “Universal Humanitarian,” but it has also been described as “the politician’s number,” primarily, I assume, because those with a 9 character are very charismatic, charming, caring and convincing. Because Biden is the forerunner of all the candidates at this time, it appears he is making good use of his 9. He also has a very conciliatory personality (he’s born on the 20th [the peacemaker) and he has an 11 Destiny (his motivator – which BTW 8 other presidents have had as their destiny number), the number of high intuition, compassion, understanding, and inspired guidance. His chart shows that he has winning numbers. Time will tell.
2. ELIZABETH ANN HERRING (WARREN). Her name reduces to the 7, the number of “the genius,” and her personality number is the 22, a Master Number in numerology, associated with one who is a visionary, and would tend to be energetic, constructive, humanitarian, and influential. Her Destiny number is the 6, associated with one who “goes the extra mile” with whatever endeavor or challenge she accepts, also known as the number of the humanitarian and the dutiful seeker of fairness and justice. Her chart gives her the 37/1 starting in 2020 and that number stays in the same place for the next 8 years. It is the number of vigilance, influence and achievement. 
3. KAMALA DEVI HARRIS. Her Character (name) number is the 8, the number of the CEO, the Producer/Director, the Teacher of Teachers, and the Class Act. She is born on the 20th, so her personality is much like Biden’s, as the peacemaker and arbitrator. Her Destiny number (the personal motivator) is a 6 like Elizabeth Warren. Her chart shows she will make a very good showing because of her willingness to put others before her own needs and steadfast desire to make a difference. 
4. BERNARD SANDERS. His name number is the 7, like Elizabeth Warren’s. So he’s also packing around some high order cares, concepts and concerns, as is quite obvious from his impassioned speeches. He was born on the 8th, which is comparable to Ms. Harris’ Character number, but it is his “behind the scenes” personality. His Destiny number is a 5 – his motivator – and the 5 is known as the number of enthusiasm, energy, and emancipation, which appears to be his focus. His chart shows that regardless of whether he is elected or not, he will continue his crusade into his 90s.
5. PETER PAUL MONTGOMERY BETTIGIEG. His name number is the 1 – that of the leader, innovator, instigator, and originality. He was born on the 19th, which means that he can be more like “a dog with a bone” than anyone in this grouping. He will not give up his quest for anyone or anything – he lives it inside and out. And, to add to that intense and potent combination, he has the number 22 as his Destiny number, which is the number of a workaholic, but also one who is a visionary who is wholly conscientious, dedicated, persevering, and resolute. It’s no wonder he’s in the top 5 of all the other Democratic contenders. His chart shows that, although he is putting his very best intentions out there, and because he is definitely not a “good loser,” he will have a period in his near future that will give him the impetus to strategize his next ingenious conception that will enable him to make a grand slam comeback in his late 40s and early 50s.
6. COREY ANTHONY BOOKER. His name number is the 4. This number offers that he would tend to be very forthright – even finding it difficult NOT to say things that might put others at odds with his opinion. He must speak his truth. However, he was born on the 27th, which reduces to a 9, which is the “politician’s” number. In general, he is a potential winner because he possesses a very appealing persona that wins him friends and can influence many. His Destiny number is the same as Biden’s – the 11. This is a Master Number, and it is one that puts the onus on helping, giving, caring and counseling. Because it’s also considered a “giver” number, I would say that Mr. Booker is likely to be authentically caring and concerned with whatever he has chosen as his political agenda, and he would do everything possible to bring about beneficial and conciliatory results. His chart shows that he may achieve some of his greatest hopes, and that someway, in the next 2 years, his name will be well known.
7. ROBERT FRANCIS O’ROURKE (BETO). Mr. O’Rourke’s name number is the 8, the attributes of which, in that same position, are the same as Kamala Harris. It is a number of one who can’t let anyone down if he has “signed on the line” to serve in any capacity for helping others. He was born on the 26th, which also reduces to an 8, thereby giving “Beto” the mission, inside and out, to help and serve others in one capacity or another, and to do his best to never falter in that purview. His Destiny number is the 9, which gives him an additional impetus to serve and give to the masses. The 9 is known as “the one who must sacrifice his own needs for the sake of the masses.” That’s not to say that everyone with a 9 Destiny grasps that mission and advocates for others, but it certainly appears to be the path for Beto O’Rourke. His chart shows that his name will become better known after 2020, comparable to Corey Booker’s chart – hummm?
8. AMY JEAN KLOBUCHAR. Ms. Klobuchar’s name number is the 7 – the analytical, bookish, broad-minded, cerebral intuit. Okay, so she’s also a genius, like Ms. Warren.☺ She is born on the 25th which reduces to a 7 (2+5=7) and makes her doubly someone who can think out of the “patriarchal box”, make her own decisions, and walk her own walk. In her case, though, her personality is one that I would immediately label as “a renegade,” because her Destiny (motivator) number is the 1. The 1, 4, and 7 are the “renegade” numbers – simply meaning that she walks exclusively to her very own drumbeat, and can bring about incredible and ingenious ways to do whatever she is most interested in doing or achieving. She is what Nobel Prize winners are made of. She is someone who will never be convinced that what she perceives and conceives is not right, regardless of what her opposition might say. Her motto is “I’m in it to win it,” and she is definitely willing and able to hang in when the going gets tough. In fact, her chart shows that in 2020, she will be given some kind of positive acknowledgment for her efforts, which will take her into the next 8 years doing what she does best – making changes that work for the many as opposed to the few.
9. JULIAN CASTRO. Mr. Castro’s name number is an 8, like Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke. (see description above). He was born on the 16th, which is comparable to Ms. Klobuchar’s “personality” number – the 25/7. The 16 reduces to a 7, so he comes to the table with some genius too (as do the whole lot of these candidates or they wouldn’t have made it this far). His Destiny number is the 1, so he has two qualities that are comparable to his co-running mate Ms. Klobuchar. He could be a force to contend with, too, but his congenial, principled Character number 8, will take some of the edge off his indubitable will to win. His chart shows that regardless of whether he wins the Democratic nomination or not, he will be serving conscientiously and diligently for many years to come in whatever capacity he finds himself. 
10. TULSI GABBARD. Ms. Gabbard also has an 8 as her name number. It’s no surprise that 4 out of 10 of these candidates have an 8 as their “social self.” It is a number, when it represents a person, of self-confidence, courage, leadership, and stamina. Ms. Gabbard was born on the 12th, which is often expressed in numerology as the number of “one who must sacrifice their own needs for the sake of others.” She’s certainly in the right career for that calling. Her Destiny (Motivator) is also an 8, so she has a double whammy of conscientiousness, competence, good judgment, integrity, and leadership abilities. Her chart shows that starting in 2020 and lasting for 8 years hence, her presence will be known and she will continue to make a contribution to the betterment of humankind.
11. ANDREW YANG. Mr. Yang’s name number is a 4. Comparable to Mr. Booker, he “may be” very honest, upfront and forthright in his presentation. To solidify that personality prop, he was also born on the 13th, which reduces to a 4, and gives him a double influence of the 4’s determination, conventionality, practicality, persevering, and candid qualities. However, I wrote above that he “may be” very honest and forthright because he also has a 9 as his Destiny number (the motivator) and 9s do not like to put all their cards on the table. They can be, in fact, very smooth and calculating by affecting a nature that seems to please everyone. The 9 is the number of the politician, and because Mr. Yang has it in the most powerful position for his personality, I would say that everything he delivers may not be what he wants to say, but rather conforms to what he thinks his constituency would like to hear. I believe, however, that his heart and mind are in the right place, because the 4 is a number of a giver and one who especially wants to help those who can’t help themselves as well as others. Also, some of the greatest humanitarian leaders have had 9 destinies, like Mother Teresa and Gandhi, so I don’t want to make an unfair analysis of Mr. Yang, because he could ultimately be one who makes a very big difference in the lives of the many, for the positive. His chart shows that he is on a firm and steady path that will continue for many years into his future.  
12. MARIANNE DEBORAH WILLIAMSON. I know most everyone would want to learn what makes Ms. Williamson tick. Well, I think I may know. First of all, she is revered in spiritual enclaves. That speaks well of her for my personal reasons. Her name number is a 3, which is what I call the “Chatty Cathy” number (would you believe I have that same name number??!! ☺). That means that she has the ability to be very eloquent, enthusiastic, engaging, and exhilarating for others. And I’m sure that her fans have found her to be so on this political stage. She was born on an 8 day, so she would be one whose true, behind-the-scenes, self would want very much to nurture and help others to the best of her ability. The 8 is the highest “feminine” vibration and therefore emanates nurturing qualities. It seems to me that she is on a quest to bring greater focus to the stage of the populace at this time for presenting ways and means, for all who are willing to listen, to care for and love one another through higher consciousness. She may be just the beginning of more and more individuals, with comparable aspirations, who will throw their hat in the political ring to bring greater attention to things that really matter for our human existence, like saving the earth, for instance, and other causes that threaten our very existence. Ms. Williamson has a 5 destiny, which gives her energy to burn, so you will likely see much more of her even after the elections have come and gone. The 5 is that of the “freedom fighter” and I’m sure she has some motivations to that end. 
The CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, to see if there might be a change in his chart that could bring about a major change in our gun control laws. Fortunately, there are signs that after his birthday (November 8) in 2020, and starting around February-March of 2021, his chart shows that there will be changes that would be unexpected for him that will change his life path in a significant way for many years into his future. My conclusion is that the House and the Senate will also have some big changes coming after the 2020 elections – which primarily have to do with who wins the presidency.
I also ran the chart of Lt. Col. Oliver North, who resigned as the President of the NRA in April of 2019, but I would suspect he is still a card-carrying member. His birthday is October 7, 1943, and it shows the same influences as LaPierre’s chart at the same time for quite a few years into his future. I ran the charts of 4 others who are strong advocates of the NRA and found that all of them had numbers in 2021 that were comparable to LaPierre’s and North’s charts.
Ergo, it appears there’s a strong possibility that one of the following Presidential hopefuls will win in 2020 and therefore there will then be fast and swift changes for the better associated with what is likely the most important issue in our country at this time. – – gun control.


What Do “Phenoms” Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Kyle Giersdorf Have In Common?
Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975 and his destiny number is the 1.
LeBron James was born on December 30, 1984 and his destiny number is the 1. 
Kyle Giersdorf (the 16 year-old gamer who just won $3,000,000 at the Fortnite World Cup) was born on December 30, 2002, and his destiny number is also a 1.
The commonalities in these three “phenoms,” from a numerological standpoint, are as follows:
1) Having been born in December gave each of them a good start in life because more than generally the child born in the 12 month is treated as a special child in their family, usually by being the first, the last, or the only child. Both Tiger and LeBron were only children. I wasn’t able to learn much about Kyle’s family, so that remains to be known, but I would say he’s likely going to be treated pretty specially because of his youthful accomplishment!!  
2) Being born on the 30th is another good fortune element they all possess. The 30 is known as the number of “CELEBRATION” and each of these ace performers have had ample cause to do that. The 30 is known for endowing them with good fortune, originality, leadership skills, discipline and dedication, among other things
3) Each has a 1 destiny number (“destiny” meaning what they focus on to create their destiny), and all three would tend to have the qualities associated with that number in order to do what they have accomplished. The 1 destiny is called the path of the risk-taker, the entrepreneur (Steve Jobs also had a 1 destiny), and the wholly independent trailblazer. Each one has gravitated to the “high side” of this number by becoming experts in their sport.  
One more “phenom” who is likely to rise before our eyes in the near future, who was born on December 30, 1993, and who also has a 1 destiny is Justin Dior Combs. He is the son of Sean Combs. Young Combs is currently a football defensive back at Iona Prep. Expect to hear more about this young man’s football feats.
Another birthdate trilogy that has always intrigued to me is that of O. J. Simpson, Tom Hanks, and Jimmy Smits. All three were born on July 9, and although each of their years was different, all their birthdates reduced to the number 1.  
The 7 month child many times feels as though they were found under a cabbage leaf because some tend not to identify with their other family members. Not sure that is the case with any of these guys.
Being born on the 9th day of the month indicates a very strong, self-confident personality. These guys could have been somewhat difficult for their parents when growing up but they had a combo of numbers that helped them to make it to the top as well. And that they did!
With this birthdate, in particular, and especially because each birthdate reduces to the number 1, I must add that all the numbers have their positive AND negative sides. All of the individuals in this category have resonated to the “high side” of their numbers professionally. However, O. J. Simpson is an example of an individual who applied his 1 destiny negatively in his personal life. Of course, Tiger Woods’ personal life has also had its challenges. It remains to be seen whether Tiger can eventually use his 1 destiny positively in all arenas of his life as he continues to vie for another winning streak. He has some challenging numbers ahead, so it will be interesting to see how he handles these tests — which are intended to raise him to a higher level, consciously, as a human being.
The 1 is known, on the negative side, as that of the “control freak”, one who can’t let go of grudges, and will usually take revengeful actions in response. And the 9, on its low side, is known as the “Mt. Vesuvius” temper number. Those who have the 9 in a prevalent position in their numerological chart and who become very angry or enraged may blow like a volcano spewing their “anger ashes” hither and yon if they are expressing a more negative 9 energy. Not everyone rises to the high side of their numbers. 
I could have gone on and one with these match-ups but these examples are enough to make it intriguing. Understand that all of the numbers in the different birthdates would carry in them the same personality traits as the person with whom they are being matched. And yet, with some of these pairings you may be tempted to say, “No way could these two people be alike!” Sometimes it’s quite hard to see the likenesses – especially with those who where born in different eras and for whom we do not have much information except that which makes them famous. Numerology tells us, however, that they are more alike than we might suspect!
Doris Day (April 3, 1922) and Alec Baldwin (April 3, 1958);
Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928) and David Blaine (April 4, 1973);
Jim Carrey (January 17, 1962 and Al Capone (January 17, 1899);
Susan B. Anthony (January 15, 1820) and Chris Farley (January 15, 1964);
Rod Stewart (January 10, 1945 and Jared Kushner, January 10, 1981); 
Tom Cruise (July 3, 1962) and Julian Assange (July 3, 1971);
Sylvester Stallone (July 6, 1946) and George W. Bush (July 6, 1946);
Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1969) and Amelia Earhart (July 24, 1897);
Meryl Streep (June 22, 1949) and Elizabeth Warren (June 22, 1949);
Elon Musk (June 28, 1971) and Mel Brooks (June 28, 1926); 
Johnny Depp (June 9, 1963) and Natalie Portman (June 9, 1981);
Donald Trump (June 14, 1946) and Che Guevara (June 14, 1928); 
Angelina Julie (June 4, 1975) and Russell Brand (June 4, 1975); 
Tina Fey (May 18, 1970) and George Strait (May 18, 1952); 
Jack Nicholson (April 22, 1937) and Machine Gun Kelly (April 22, 1990);
Jessica Alba (April 28, 1981) and Saddam Hussein (April 28, 1937); 
Cosmic Mates


Serena Williams, born on September 26, 1981, has a 54/9 destiny number. I have labeled that the “watch your back” destiny number because it usually means that someone is vying for what you have accomplished or own or possess. Which also indicates you would have something worth vying for and, in this case, it’s quite obvious what that would be.


Cori Gauff, born on March 13, 2004, who has a 22/4 destiny, the number of the visionary, and likely envisioned herself winning the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament at some point in her life. And, by utilizing the primary qualities associated with the 22, goal-orientation, tenacity, fortitude, power, and expertise, she prevailed over the most acclaimed woman of all time in the game of tennis! 


I predict, judging from Ms. Williams’ chart, that she will make a “grand slam” comeback in her 40th year. Ms. Gauff will continue on with her own “grand slam” success for several years, but I can see that it isn’t necessarily a teenager’s dream life. Judging from the intense and all-consuming aspects of being the superlative athlete, she definitely deserves her wins as she graces the courts with her fixed determination and stunning abilities.




Tobin Heath, born on 5/29/1988 (6 destiny)
Carli Lloyd, born on 7/16/1982 (7 destiny)
Alexandra Morgan, born on 7/2/1989 (9 destiny)
Christen Press, born on 12/29/1988 (4 destiny)
Mallory Pugh, born on 4/29/1998 (6 destiny)
Megan Rapinoe, born on 7/5/1985 (8 destiny)
Jessica McDonald, born on 2/28/1988 (11 destiny)

All 7 players in this category have birth “day” numbers that offer towering coordination and cooperation skills, as a whole. The numbers 2, 7, and 29/11are highly intuitive numbers, and Rapinoe’s No. 8 is known for it’s dominant 6th sense proclivities. So, there’s likelihood that this team was able to intuit each other’s moves with that asset. McDonald’s numbers are all about high intuition and speed.

Their destiny numbers 4 and 6 are associated with those who “go the extra mile and give more than they are asked to give.” The number 8 is a leadership number, along with being “the exemplar” at whatever they deem worthy of their talents. The number 9 is said to be a compilation of all the numbers 1 through 8, so Morgan could assume different roles to accommodate the actions of her team players.


Lindsey Horan, born on 5/26/1994 (9 destiny)
Rose LaVelle, born on 5/19/1995 (3 destiny)
Julie Ertz, born on 4/6/1992 (4 destiny)
Samantha Mewis, born on 1/9/1992 (4 destiny)
Alexandra Long, born on 8/13/1987 (1 destiny)

Although Horan and LaVelle have differing numbers, Horan’s 8 and 9 indicate that she had leadership abilities and also a fierce competitive nature; LaVelle would tend to exhibit skills beyond most other players because of her resolute will to win (1) and her flexibility and creativity (3) – and she managed the winning slam. Ertz, Mewis and Long each had numbers that would have exhibited heroic measures to ensure a win, even if injured.


Becky Sauerbrunn, born on 6/6/1985 (8 destiny)
Ali Krieger, born on 7/28/1984 (3 destiny)
Crystal Dunn, born on 7/3/1982 (3 destiny)
Kelley O’Hara, born on 8/4/1988 (11 destiny)
Abby Dahlkemper, born on 5/13/1993 (4 destiny)
Emily Sonnett, born on 1/25/1993 (3 destiny)
Tierna Davidson, born on 9/19/1998 (1 destiny)

As a team, the Defenders possess Sauerbrunn as someone whose efforts tend to go the extra mile (6) and who would to be exemplary in her actions (8); Kriege, Dunn, Davidson and Sonnett have comparable numbers, each “in it to win it” and possessing the determination, adroitness and discipline to make that happen (1 and 3); O’Hara and Dahlkemper are stalwart, persevering, consistent, and systematic (11 and 4).


Alyssa Naeher, born on 4/18/1988 (4 destiny)

Naeher’s name number is a 3, and when you couple that number with the 1 and 4, you have someone who won’t even get in the game unless she thinks she can win (1); who will work longer and harder, with greater discipline and determination than most others (4), and tend to think in a creative and ingenious manner to block every puck that comes her way. And she managed her role with aplomb!


I was watching ABC’s 20/20 program about Elizabeth Holmes on the 15th and, although I had already run her chart when I heard about the debacle with Theranos, I pulled it from my files to learn what I could about her personality. 
There was a highly significant aspect in her chart that enabled me to numerologically interpret how she could keep up such a good front for so long, and that is because her “destiny number,” (the full addition of her birthdate) reduced to the number 9. 
I grew up with a father who was, what I call, “double 9s”, because he was born on a 9 day and had a 9 destiny. He was well-known by his cronies for telling “big ones [lies],” mostly to add flavor and flare to his many tales of being a mule-packer on Mount Hood in Oregon for 17 years, and for other concoctions he would create. He would often tell me a “big one” or two because he learned quickly how gullible I was as a child. (That characteristic is still with me even to this day, unfortunately????). 
There is another number that is known for exaggeration of the truth and that’s the 5. Those with prominent fives in their charts are known for being excellent salespeople, partially for that reason, I’m assuming.
Elizabeth Holmes’ name number (the number of her “social self”) is a 5 and her destiny number (the driving force of her personality) is a 9. Needless to say, she certainly did express the negative qualities of the 5 and 9 to bully, bilk, and bamboozle her investors, employees, and clients.
Those with 9s and 5s are not all fabricating, cheating prevaricators by any means. The 9 destiny especially has given this planet some of the kindest, most selfless people of all, namely Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafazi (currently working with Apple CEO Tim Cook to enable young women to get an education, specifically in the Middle East), Paramahansa Yogananda (“The Autobiography of a Yogi”), President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter (well-known for their philanthropic activities) and many more like them. 
And, there are many philanthropic and spiritually-oriented people who have 5s as a strong component of their numerological charts, too. So, I’m not labeling everyone with a prominent 5 or 9 in their charts dishonest or lying types, because the positive qualities of the 9 and 5 include being socially adept, “people-pleasing,” eloquently sophisticated, and very charming — when they want to be – and they can and will convince anyone that they are “the real deal” with regard to whatever it is they are presenting or pursuing, and many times they are just that.
Many with 9s as their name, day, or destiny number tend to pursue every opportunity of being in the upper echelon of whatever enclave of society to which they are drawn. After all, it is the number of the genteel and aristocratic and many 9s have the innate ability to affect that nature even if they were born of a lesser standing.
Two “9” individuals who have also been in the news of late that I can be fairly sure have been liars are Cassandra Randolph and Felicity Huffman. They are both associated with the college exam fiasco. (Lori Loughlin has triple 1s – and that’s a whole other story – but briefly, she would loathe to lose at virtually anything in any way, ergo – whatever it takes! And it backfired on her this time, obviously.) One more with a 9 destiny that just hit the news for his nefarious ways is Michael Avanatti. I saw hi problems escalating after his ex accused him of abuse, but then that went away and as I checked out his chart today, I can see that somehow he eludes or escapes from the worst of what he is currently alleged to have done. That will be quite interesting to watch because he, as so many with 9 destinies, can be very convincing and he has a J.D. to back him, as well!
I have found that there are many people with prominent 5s and 9s who become politicians or who involve themselves with the hierarchy of politics and one could say that they all set out the with desire to do something meaningful for the people of this country and this earth because the true essence of the 9 is that of the “universal humanitarian,” and therefore it is easy for me to move my opinion of anyone with a 5 (the freedom fighters) or 9 (the universal humanitarian) as truly desiring that outcome from their efforts and involvement wherever they find themselves.
In fact, many of the U.S. Presidents had 5s and 9s as their Character and Destiny numbers, namely, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Q. Adams, John Tyler, James Polk Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Donald Trump. 
Current President Donald Trump’s name is a 5 and he is also born on a 5 day, and he is also a Gemini, which is the one sign of the Zodiac which is known for producing more truth exaggerators than most other signs. So it is not surprising that he doesn’t seem to be able to even stick to his own truth much of the time. 
The 9 is also representative of one who is said to be a very old soul. There are certainly many positives about 9 destiny/character people, but they can sometimes get carried away with their desire to appear as good as possible, and sometimes to others as being better than they know themselves to be.
Those who are born on a 9 day (the 9th, 18th, or 27th) definitely have strong humanitarian inclinations because that is their “inside” personality. It is simply who they are, and not something generally they would have a need to prove or talk about, even though their friends and family would be well aware of this strong humanitarian characteristic.
If you want to know if you or someone you know has a 9 destiny, add together all the numbers in their birth date and reduce that addition to a single digit. Those born on a 9 day (9th, 18th, or 27th) are more inclined to be honest humanitarians who want to do something to help others in some way. It’s those with their name and destiny that are more inclined to the lower side of their elevated number 9.


Numerologically, the year 2019 has entered a 3 “universal” year: 2+0+1+9 = 12 and 1+2 = 3
The compound 12 derived from 2019 is as significant as the single digit 3 as a strong factor in this New Year. The 12 is often described as “one who sacrifices one’s own needs for the sake of others.” In that respect, one could speculate that there could be a shift in all humans around the world this year to be more thoughtful and caring of those who struggle to live a decent and comfortable life. That would be my hope for the New Year.
Reducing that 12 down to the number 3 (as shown above) can portend celebrations of one kind or another taking place throughout this year. In that regard, after analyzing a multitude of charts of those involved in our present political coalition, it appears there could be some unexpected good fortune that may transpire in the United States between the months of March and July. These same influences show up in many of my clients’ charts, as well.
And, from a more universal standpoint, perhaps many changes begin to occur around the world that will help to quell climate warming and other impending catastrophic calamities that may be currently approaching a perilous or treacherous position. 
The high aspects of the number 3 vibration are associated with embracing the arts and other forms of communication, from media, publications, and literature to the theater and fine arts. It is a number that offers the qualities of good taste, creativity, hospitality, optimism, cultivated leanings, and a spirited mien. Since Mother Earth is a living organism, hopefully, the inhabitants of this planet will have reason to experience the manifestation of these positive attributes on behalf of or by our planet throughout this New Year.
The lower aspects of the number 3 vibration include irresponsibility, greed, and wastefulness. Unfortunately, there is a plentiful amount of those destructive and malefic aspects that plague this beautiful planet at this time. I’m hopeful that the many, as opposed to the few, will rise to an enlightened state during this year and bring forth the positive attributes of the number 3.
January 2019 is a “4-month.” The number 4’s positive attributes revolve around administrative work, budgeting, forming partnerships, getting organized, being economy-minded, pragmatism, honesty, dedication and competence. Negatively expressed it can trigger arguments, immobility, intolerance, impracticality, and pig-headedness. From all outward appearances, it seems that at the present time our governing bodies are sadly affecting the latter
February 2019 is a “5-month.” The number 5 ushers in CHANGE. Positively, it can demonstrate dynamism, abundant energy, enthusiasm, productivity, progressiveness, resourcefulness, and versatility. Adversely, it fosters rashness, hysteria, superficiality, thoughtlessness, unaccountability, unpredictability, and, for some, apathy. 
March 2019 is a “6-month.” The number 6 imbues this nation and the world, in the positive, with altruism, compassion, generosity, graciousness, humanitarianism, fairness, and justice, among other attributes. Negatively expressed, the 6 vibration can bring about anxiety, discontent, obstruction, and officiousness.
April 2019 is a “7-month.” The number 7 inspires unique and unusual events and circumstances. Positively affected, it offers the possibility that the nation and the world might embrace a more enlightened connection to everything and everyone on this planet. This is the most mystical number of all, and can imbue an “out-of-the-box” essence that enhances intuition, peacefulness, and wisdom. Negatively experienced, it can cause antisocialism, disparity, deviousness, inflexibility, obstruction, and basically wary, worrisome, and wily environs.
May 2019 is an “8-month.” The number 8 represents the month when the “fruits are borne for all manner of things manifested in the 7 months prior.” Positively, the qualities of the 8 inspire leadership, courage, far-sightedness, honorability, industriousness, and respectability. Negatively experienced it can bring about abuse of power, avariciousness, fanaticism, dishonesty and apathy.
ASIDE: My research indicates that this month could bring about some closure to the Muller investigation/legal proceedings.
June 2019 is a “9-month.” The number 9, positively expressed, imparts benevolence, charity, compassion, generosity, civility, selflessness, and humility. Negatively, it can proffer deception, dogmatism, superficiality, inflexibility, and vindictiveness.
ASIDE: I predict that the Muller investigations will come to an end in June, with some tidying up in July. This is Donald Trump’s birthday month, and he moves into a 5 personal year which, as expressed above, implies change, and many times MAJOR CHANGE.
July 2019 is a “1-month.” The number 1 ushers in new beginnings. Its qualities include boldness, attaining goals, determination, progressiveness, leadership, and innovation. Negatively, it can bring about greed, rigidity, immobility, militancy, and selfish attitudes.
ASIDE: This is the United States birthday month, and it moves into a 5 personal year, same as Donald Trump does in June. It’s a 3 year universally and a 5 year for the USA (possibility bringing about MAJOR CHANGE). So Donald Trump and the USA will definitely have some interesting and intriguing circumstances occurring during June and July if the numbers play out as predicted
August 2019 is a “2/11-month.” The 2 suggests cordiality, harmony, cooperation, patience, and peace. If experienced as the 11, it will elevate the Gregorian calendar world to a higher state of enlightenment, truth, and justice for the suffering. Negatively expressed, the 2 can beget faultfinding, unsupportiveness, and indifference. The 11, on the low side, can also bring about hysteria, fanaticism, and intolerance.
September 2019 is a “3-month.” The 3-month is comparable to the 3 year. It is a number of celebration and doing things that bring forth feelings of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude. Most all cultures around the world view the number 3 is a good fortune omen, and hopefully, by September 2019, we will all have good reason to celebrate and feel grateful for what has occurred over the first 8 months of this 3 year. 
October is another “4-Month.” See January 2019 above for the definitions. November is another “5-Month.” See February 2019 above for the definitions. December is another “6-Month.” See March 2019 above for the definitions.
SYNOPSIS: Considering my on-going research and analysis of the charts of most of the main-players in Washington, D.C., I predict that there will be some major changes in our country’s governance between the months of March and July. I predicted this in an earlier newsletter and now the time has come to watch it unfold. A great majority of the charts I have analyzed show major challenges starting in 2019 and going forward into 2020. The charts representing the opposing side of those with the challenges show positive changes.
Your “personal” year is found by adding the number of your month of birth to the number of your day of birth and reducing it to a single digit. Then add that digit to the “universal” year, which is a 3. PLEASE NOTE: Your “personal year” is based on when you arrived on the earth plane – in other words – your “Birth Day.” So, your “personal” year STARTS on your birthday and continues to your birthday in the next year. It does not start in January by the Gregorian calendar (unless you were born on January). If you
EXAMPLE: If you were born on May 25th, based on that date you would be in a personal 5 year until your next birthday, when you would then go into a personal 6 year. You would find by adding 5 (May) + 2+5 (25th) which equals 12 which reduces to a 3, and then add that 2 which was the “universal year of 2017, because you are still influenced by that year’s number. So 3 plus 2 = 5, and after your birthday in 2019, you would add that number 3 to this year’s “universal year” 3, and you will be in a 6 personal year. You can use the definitions above that correlate to your personal months to determine which attributes you might experience more often throughout 2019. 
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